Easter Door Decoration Ideas for this Spring

If you’re looking for new Easter door decoration ideas for this Spring you’ve come to the right place. Easter is the perfect time for new life and beautifying the entrance to your home, especially after a long winter.

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close up of bunny wreath with added flowers
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The possibilities are endless when it comes to Easter wreath ideas and Easter decorations. A new wreath adorning our entrance is not only the best way to reflect all the vibrant colors of the season, but also a way to reflect joy and peace in your home. From colorful Easter eggs to fun Easter bunny decorations it’s the perfect time to create a new look for your front door.

Whether your style is modern, traditional, or something in between, there are plenty of ways to decorate your door this Easter.

 Let’s get started.

How to decorate in front of the front door?

Greeting your guests with a gorgeous entrance is a must for any home.

I love walking up to a friend or family’s home and seeing the front door all dressed up for the most current holiday.

This time of year seeing colorful eggs and floral wreaths or baskets always gets me excited to celebrate Easter and the Spring season.

As a child, I have the best memories of getting all dressed up for Easter, hat and all, and then heading out to church, having a big family dinner, and then visiting our relatives.

It’s a tradition we hold steadfast and part of that tradition is decorating my home.

Whether adding a new Spring doormat, hanging a bunny wreath, or decorating your door with flowers, it doesn’t take long and I guarantee it will boost your holiday spirits.

bunny wreath with faux florals on it

Easter crafts are a great way to say, Spring has sprung!

With social media pages abounding there is tons of inspiration out there to find the best way to serve jelly beans, arrange fresh flowers, set your table, and spruce up the front of your front door and home decor for easter celebrations.

Getting your front entrance ready for Easter

  1. The first and most traditional way to showcase your front door entrance is by adding a gorgeous spring wreath.
  2. Add planters on both sides of your door with a few faux cherry blossom stems
  3. Create a grapevine wreath, adding colorful tulips
  4. Add a fun Spring doormat
  5. Hanging a basket filled with pussy willows are great additions
  6. Change out your door hardware
  7. Hang a welcome sign
  8. Decorate with classic bunny wreaths
  9. Eggcellent ideas: feel the joy of Easter with decorative egg-themed wreaths
  10. Tie an easter garland across the top of your door

What can I decorate my front door with?

When I saw this basket I knew I had to bring it home to create something beautiful to welcome Spring. It was so easy. All I needed for tools was my hot glue gun.

I’ve hung this flower basket with faux lavender flowers on my back door. It was super easy to make. Follow the instructions here.

faux lavender flowers inside a woven basket with flower on front of basket

Easter door decoration ideas from my blogging friends


My friend Wendy at WMDesignhouse has a knack for tea dyeing fabric. This gorgeous Easter Carrot Wreath would look beautiful on any style front door. I love how she used real carrots to dye the beautiful natural muslin material.

dyed muslin carrot wreath

On Sutton Place

Ann from On Sutton Place is one of my latest blogs to follow. I love how Ann takes spring decor to another level. The way she added these blueberries was the perfect way to blend the blue with the shade of this basket! It just pops beautifully.

Living Large in A Small House

Lynn from Living Large in A Small House lives in chilly Chicago and recently updated her front porch and added a unique monogram to her front door wreath. Lynn’s style is gorgeous and her recipes are fantastic! Just sayin! 🙂

blue home with spring wreath on door

Cottage in the Mitten

How cute is Kim‘s bunny wreath? The pom poms are so sweet. Guess who she made it for, which makes it even more special!

Gathered in the Kitchen

Stephanie has not only one but 6 easy DIY project easter wreaths. Wait til you see what she did with curly deco mesh! It’s darling.

Saved from Salvage

If there was anyone that could make a tin can look fabulous it’s Regina from Saved from Salvage. Her simple but lovely farmhouse charm is fantastic. I love how she takes something from nothing and creates the most beautiful creations!

bunny with egg wreath hanging

White Lilac Farmhouse

Tammy had me when I saw her hat! I love how she used a beautiful shade of peach for her flowers. This lovely hat could be hung anywhere in your home and look fabulous!

What can I hang on my front door beside a wreath?

Before you begin always shop your home to look for new ways to use what you already have. For example, an old watering can be hung with faux ivy cascading down!

Another fun idea for the easter season is to use an old umbrella, add flowers or plastic eggs spilling out the top, and then a gorgeous large bow. Springtime elements and craft supplies are in abundance and will give your door that fresh look we all love.

One great way to give your front door a quick boost is by painting the door a new color! Here are a few more ideas.

  1. Paint the door with a beautiful accent color
  2. Hang a seasonal wreath
  3. Fill a flower basket and place it on the steps
  4. Place a watering can full of faux flowers on a bench
  5. Hang a wooden welcome sign
  6. Add a brass door knocker ( we have one that is a horse )
  7. Take a string and hang paper flowers in pastel colors ( if you have a roof covering your porch )

Using a wired form

Have you seen those wired forms in different shapes? Last year I thought I would try one out and made this carrot wreath.

The good part is I love it. The not-so-good part, I didn’t take pictures, only a video, of how I made it. At some point, I may make a second one in order to share with you how to do it!

carrot wreath made from orange roses

This year I opted to make a bunny-shaped easter door decoration by up-styling a Michael’s wreath .

I added more flowers, a large mesh ribbon bow, and a few easter eggs. You may read more here.

How do you like how it came out?

Take this…
and make this!
purple flowers on bunny wreath
green thumbtack
easter door decoration ideas

Rather buy a wreath than make one? I’ve got you covered!

Easter is a time of joy and renewal, and what better way to express that than with an Easter door decoration? Whether you opt for a classic bunny-themed wreath or a more modern or unconventional design, these fun and creative ideas are sure to spark the perfect addition to your entryway. 

Pick up your glue gun and head to the craft store to create a beautiful door decoration and give your entrance door a festive touch this Easter!

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  1. So many great ideas Susan. I am just about ready to get out to the front porch and decorate, so you were just in time. Thanks for sharing all of this inspiration.
    And, thank you for sharing my big orange carrot!

    1. I loved how you dyed your fabric. It looks so pretty, all ready for spring!

  2. I love all of your beautiful ideas! The bunny wreath is truly adorable! This post is perfect for the first day of spring….we finally have a 60-degree day! I better get to decorating my front door! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. thank you Missy! Hopefully, your snow has melted and you can get to your porch decorating soon.

  3. You’ve shared so many pretty ideas! Thank you for sharing my bunny wreath! Happy spring, friend!💐

    1. thank you Kim. It was so pretty and I love that you made it for your mom!

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