10 Must Have’s for Your Fun Valentine’s Dinner Table

Do you love Valentine’s Day as much as I do? Today I’m sharing 10 Must Have’s for your Fun Valentine’s Dinner Table!


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While recently shopping I saw one item that got my creative mind all excited and gushing!

That’s how it works with me! My creativity usually starts with one item that inspires me, and how I came up with my 10Must Have’s For a Fun Valentine’s Dinner Table. 

Creativity can come from fabric on a pillow, a pretty dish that looks like it needs a slice of cake on it, a vintage vase for adding fresh florals, or simply a paint color chip.

I once remember creating my whole bedroom design and decor around one, pretty lavender throw! I loved that room! 

“Heart Day’ as I call Valentine’s Day fills me with so many ideas!

I love, love day! Whether it’s for my husband, my children, friends, or family, I love giving love and spreading the love around like manure.  As Barbara Streisand once said in ‘Hello Dolly’, only she was referring to the money I believe!

What You’ll Need for Your Fun Valentine’s Dinner Table

The first item you need for your Valentine’s Dinner Table is the desire to create a loving atmosphere. When you’re inspired to share your love, anything is possible!

Up next, try shopping your home for items that fill you with love and joy that you already own. I look for beautiful pieces of lace, vintage crystal bowls or baskets, assorted faux florals, unique dishes to add lovely layers (similar item here)!   Of course, an assortment of gorgeous stemware for a well-awaited champagne toast is the perfect accessory! (similar item here )

Another fun idea to add to your Valentine’s Dinner Table is an old or new photo of loved ones that will be attending your dinner. I love adding a favorite picture, in an exquisite frame, of my children when they were younger! 

Photos can be a great addition when used as a place card, rather than using a single paper name card.

When planning dinner, think of your family’s favorites. Dinner doesn’t have to be a spectacular extravaganza, as long as it’s made with a lot of love.

Valentine’s Dinner Wouldn’t be Complete without Dessert

When it comes to dessert, each year I make several thick and tasty white heart-shaped cakes. This is the one I use.

White cake is my absolute favorite cake to eat, topped with coconut, homemade whipped cream, or a white frosting and heart-shaped sprinkles. As I just love a white cake with white frosting, Valentine’s day is the perfect time to share that with others. Another addition is to add fresh roses around or on top of the cake, a perfect way to show your guests that you love them.

If your family loves games or cards, how about surprising them with a simple new game to play after dinnertime?

 At several family events, we’ve added fun description cards where each family member has to read the card and come up with an answer. It’s a very nice way to hear what others’ dreams are, what they like, or what has had meaning in their life. This is a fun one! 


I’ve been known to surprise family and friends with an unexpected yet welcomed cake delivery. Would you like to receive one? 

Whatever you decide to do, I hope your Heart Day is filled with Love and Joy!

Happy Heart Day! XO Susan

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