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10 Perfect Charcuterie Board Honey and Cheese Pairings

Hey there! So, have you wondered what’s the best way to create the perfect cheese board? Well, I think I’ve cracked the code. Picture this: a rustic wooden board as your canvas, adorned with an array of hard cheeses that cover a spectrum of strong flavors. But here’s the kicker – the main attraction is the honey pairing. Seriously, have you ever tried fresh figs with a drizzle of your favorite honey? It takes things to the next level. That’s why today I’m sharing 10 Perfect Charcuterie Board Honey and Cheese Pairings with you. 

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Hi, I’m Susan, creator of Hen and Horse Design. I love home decorating, entertaining, cooking quick, yet flavorful meals, arranging flowers, and organizing pretty much anything you can think of! I believe in using all of the ‘good’ things in your home and creating your home to be your haven! Why wait for the company to come over to live well? 

My home motto is to ‘treat yourself like You are the company’!

I hope to inspire you to create your own cozy home, where you and your family feel like “you are the company!”

I believe that when we treat ourselves well, we go out into the world and treat others with that same kindness.

A beautiful home doesn’t have to cost a fortune to look fabulous.  I’ll show you how! Read more here.


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