The Sounds of Spring

What comes to mind when you think of the sounds of spring? Today I’m sharing with you the last of my Five Senses of Spring Series, sound!

When I started this series a few weeks ago, I thought it would be a fun series to share with you ways to welcome Spring into your home with the five senses of Spring.  What I didn’t realize was that writing about ‘sound’ would be difficult. How would I relay to you something meaningful, about sound with home decor? Well, this post isn’t about decorating, but it is about inspiration! 

Let’s recap before we go on!

A vase of yellow flowers on a table

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The Five Senses of Spring Series

First, we chatted about the sense of sight with this post!

The second was all about flowers and the scent of smell where I shared with you how to make this!

Third, was all about taste and this delicious dessert! Wishing I had a second piece right about now! 

Sharing about touch and texture came next.

After much thought, I came up with the idea that the last sense, sound, and the Sounds of Spring are really about people.

Of course, yes, there are the other sounds that go with Springtime.

Birds chirping or lawnmowers mowing, bees buzzing and rain falling on the rooftop is the most common. These are all such lovely signs and sounds of spring! I appreciate them all! 

But I wanted to ‘give’ you, my readers, something tangible to inspire you. Lately, it seems in the world we could all use a little more goodness! More goodness to hear and more goodness to think about! 

Inspiration! More Hope! More Love! That is when I thought I would share a story with you about ‘hearing’! 

Sounds of Spring

Here is my story about The Sounds of Spring!

One of the best ‘sounds’ of Spring is when we gather with the ones we care about and love!

I remember years ago a story from one of our annual family bocce parties! My brother has two professional bocce courts at his home where every year we gather with family and friends, wear all white, drink homemade limoncello, eat a ton, and play a lot of bocce. We take our bocce games seriously! 

A group of people posing for the camera
Left to Right – Andrew’s Dad (Charles) My dear mother,(Millie) Andrew’s Mom (Marie) and my Dad (Pat)

In this particular year, my brother invited his next-door neighbor as he had done most years. His neighbor was a retired English teacher from our local school.  She was quite stern, friendly, very intelligent and the ripe ol age of 95. She took care of her husband who had become bedridden and was blind. 

Not wanting to leave her husband for long, she decided to come to the party for an hour or so. Prior to her leaving she had opened the window for her husband, so he could ‘hear’ the party.

A group of people sitting watching a bocce ball game

When she arrived back home her husband had a rare but huge smile on his face. He told her that he had been listening to the boisterous sounds of the party. The people all shouting out ‘yeah’, ‘great shot’….the exclamations of ahhhs and ooohs and all the laughter that billowed up from the back yard and through his bedroom window!

He was happy.  He was filled with joy, just by listening to the sounds of people gathered together and having fun.

Happy Spring

I have never forgotten this story and often think of Mr. Shook laying in his bed and listening to the ‘Sounds of Spring’ from his room! It brings me great Joy to know that without knowing so, we gave him a beautiful gift!

If we stop for a moment from time to time, we too can hear the beautiful sounds of spring around us! Whether it be children playing in the yard or our family gathered around our own table! 

I wish you all the happiest of Springs! A Spring filled with beautiful sights, lovely scents, tasteful tastes, the warm touch of a hug, and the sounds of happiness! 

Happy Spring! 

XO Susan 


  1. I love this sweet story Susan. There is nothing g better then the sound of people having fun. You certainly my brightened his day. Happy Spring.

  2. Such a great series. There’s nothing better than the sounds and laughter of family and friends

  3. Judy Wallace says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog posts. I do wish there was some way to keep the ads from popping up all over the page. I understand that the ads provide income, I just wish it weren’t so difficult to read your content and see your pictures. Thanks for letting me say that, I really do enjoy your posts and will continue to read them.

    1. Hi Judy, Thank you for your kind words on my blog posts. I appreciate your input as well on the pop-ups. I will certainly look into possible other formats.

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