How to Use Your Five Senses When Creating A Fabulous Spring Table

Do you love the arrival of Spring? I sure do. Today I’m sharing How to Use Your Five Senses When Creating a Fabulous Spring Table!

Before we begin, if you’re coming over from the first post in this series, How to Make a Beautiful Spring Floral Arrangement, thank you! I’m so pleased you are here! I’m excited to share with you the second of my Five Senses of Spring Series, “How to Use Your Five Senses When Creating a Fabulous Spring Table’. 

How to Use Your Five Senses When Creating A Fabulous Spring Table

Each Spring the arrival of fresh floral scents, the sound of the birds chirping, and the beautiful textures of the leaves unfolding with buds, always get me energized! 

How do you dress a Spring Table?

  1. Use light and airy colors
  2. Consider adding a birds nest or birdhouse with florals
  3. Use happy colors that are vibrant like yellow, pink or orange
  4. Mix vintage items with newer ones for a classic look
  5. Opt for fresh flowers over faux florals
  6. Incorporate fresh fruit into your centerpiece
  7. Mix and match napkins for a whimsical look
  8. Layer dishes and top with a small bowl filled with spring ornaments such as eggs, candies or a small flowering plant

Spring Blog Hop

Secondly, it’s also the day for our Spring Blog Hop. A big thank you to our host Cindy from Cloches and Lavender for organizing the hop. Her post on How to Make an Easy Daffodil Centerpiece is so pretty. 

If you are coming over from Crystal from Sweet Valley Acres, welcome! Isn’t her front door wreath just darling!

The Scented Spring Table

I thought it would be fun to welcome Spring into our homes by focusing on our five senses and incorporating them into our dinner table.

Today I’m going to focus on adding the sense of scent/smell to our homes! Let’s get started! 

A vase of flowers on a table
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What do you think of when you think of fresh Spring air? 

I love when Spring finally arrives (it’s slow to come in the northeast) and I can open the windows and let the warm air inside.

It’s the time I start to think of outdoor projects and planting in my garden beds.

Springtime is the time for new life and new beginnings as well. These scents are amazing.

  • Smell or Fragrance of Flowers
  • Zest of a Fresh Lemon
  • Lilacs Blooming
  • Tulip, Daffodils
  • Cherry Blossoms in the Park
  • Fresh Grass being Cut
  • Laundry on the Clothesline
  • Cooking on the Grill 

Setting your Spring table

Before you begin to get your spring decorations out, think about how you might add all of the ‘sense’ elements to your home decorating. 

Inspiration for My Spring Table

First off, the inspiration for my Spring Table came from the color and scent of yellow tulips and roses! Tulips are the first scent I recognize when I think of Spring arriving. 

I couldn’t resist buying a few bouquets as soon I as saw them arrive in our local market.

Spring Table Ideas
  • A good place to start is by bringing the scents of Spring into your home and table decor by placing herbs and flowers with a stronger scent in vases around your table
  • Flowers like lavender, gardenia, sweet pea, rosemary (a favorite scent of mine) work best for this
  • Beautiful flowers can serve several of your senses; ie: touch, scent, sight
  • Add the herbs to a spray bottle and use them as an air room spritz
  • Sliced Lemons whether in lemonade or sliced on the table as a condiment says Spring is in the air
  • Serve foods with fresh herbs which will have a wonderful aroma 
  • Play soft instrumental music for your sense of sound ( rain falling is a soothing option)
  • Use different textures such as linen, cotton, wood, branches, or a birds nest for your sense of touch
  • Finally, add a cup of a tasty Spring tea, lemon dessert, or a lemon drop martini
A bowl of fruit on a table, with Yellow pitcher and candles

Lemons have the freshest scent and are visually appealing! Isn’t this lemon pitcher just darling on my Spring table! 

A dish with lemons on it

My lemon Spring table runner added just the right touch! Here is one that is similar!

A vase of flowers on a table
A wine glass with etching on it
Crystal Goblets Not Only Add Elegance but a Soft Texture
A vase of flowers on a table

I started by using lemon Spring dishes like these!

Pitcher with lemon design on it
The Perfect Lemonade Pitcher

With each fresh scent that you add to your table, you will not only enhance or heighten your senses, but your Spring Table will also look fabulous!

Now it’s time to open the windows and enjoy the fresh breeze! 

A vase of flowers on a table

Up next on my Five Senses of Spring Series, I’ll be sharing my mouth-watering ‘taste’ of Spring. Be sure to subscribe to my mailing list so you don’t miss this one! 

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Susan Signature with feather pen
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  1. Leslie Watkins says:

    This is stunning! I have always loved lemons– but pairing with the daffodils and in your gorgeous tablescape is perfect. Love sharing this with my readers on the hop!

    1. Thank you so much Leslie! The yellow just seemed to be calling my name after a long winter! 🙂

  2. Super cute, my friend. You inspired me. I hope that you will share this on the Fabulous Friday Link Party. You can find it on my website. Hugs to you.

  3. This is so stunning. I can almost smell hyacinths and tulips wafting thru the air.
    We can’t quite open the windows, yet. It was 13 degress this morning 🙂
    Your beautiful tablescape reminds me how much I love baking with lemon in the spring, too.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you Juliet! It as fun to create! I love lemons as well. Its a chilly day here with a forecast of five inches of snow. Hurry Spring!

  4. This gorgeous and I love every part of this lemon themed table. Lemons are so happy.

    We love so many of the same dishes!

    Thanks for joining the hop!

  5. Susan, everything about this tablescape is so stunning. I cannot get enough of looking at all of the beautiful photos. The yellow lemons just pop. That floral arrangement is so gorgeous. I know it smells amazing. All of the lemons are not too much either. It all looks so lovely together. That table runner with the delicate embroidery lemons is darling. If there was a prize, I would be sending the trophy right over to you. Love it!

  6. Susan, this is simply stunning! Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing all your ideas!
    Great hopping with you!

  7. Crystal Ratzlaff says:

    Susan you never fail to surprise me and keep me looking through every single photo. I love all the scents of spring flowers and using all my senses. This is so satisfying to look at. Thank you for sharing all your talent

  8. Your beautiful table makes me smile! Loving the yellows so much. This inspiration is one to delight your family and guests!

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