Sourwood Honey Health Benefits: Taste and Nutrition 

Scientific studies show raw honey is wonderful for its antioxidant properties. Today let’s chat about Sourwood honey health benefits!

Do you love honey? I sure do. What I love even more than the natural sugars is the anti-inflammatory properties and health benefits of sourwood honey! 

One of the best natural ways to boost your immune system is by adding different types of honey to your diet, tea, or in your recipes. Sourwood honey with its light amber color and favorable flavor is perfect for this.

blue and whit calico bowl with yogurt and granola drizzled with honey
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Tea and honey go together like bread and jam

Many of you may not know but several years ago I worked at a local tea and honey shop called Saratoga Tea and Honey. This was where I learned all about different teas and many different kinds of honey. 

It was thru this shop that I was able to attend tea school. 

If you ever find yourself visiting upstate New York you definitely need to stop at Saratoga Tea and Honey.

This unique shop on Broadway in downtown Saratoga Springs has become a US destination. Not only do they have over 100 teas, but also every type of honey, including several from Italy, Spain, and Hungary but they also have a tea bar where you can sample teas or just sit, relax, and enjoy a cup of your favorite tea. 

blue calico teacup and saucer with tea and crystal honey pot on the side of cup

One day I will write a post about attending the Camellia Sinensis tea school in Montreal.

Yes, there is such a thing as tea school. And yes, if you are wondering, it was a fantastic experience. We tasted hundreds of teas over the three days and had intense learning about the processes of growing, drying, and rolling varietal teas from all over the world.

The tea world is a fascinating place. I would say similar to the world of wine and I was grateful to learn so much from the top importers of tea.

Many of Tea and Honey Co.’s other varietal honey is sourced from almost every area of the United States such as tupelo honey which is sourced from Florida and Georgia. 

What I also learned during my years at the shop was all about the proper temperature to brew tea, different types of herbal tea, and lots about honey bees and the health benefits of honey.

What are the benefits of Sourwood Honey?

Before we get into why sourwood honey is so special, let’s go over what the benefits are of sourwood honey.

10 Benefits of Sourwood Honey

  • Raw honey is filled with vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients
  • Rich in minerals such as Vitamin E, D, C, and A – Plus Vitamin B
  • Helps the body’s metabolic process and brain function
  • Wonderful for wound healing for alternative medicine practices
  • Honey boosts energy levels
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Fights cardiovascular diseases
  • Filled with antibacterial properties
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Great use for the common cold or sore throat
  • Great for season allergies

As you can see, the number of health benefits is fantastic.

Another favorite honey of mine is manuka honey which is quite costly as it is sourced only from New Zealand. A spoon of this honey when feeling under the weather has enormous healing properties. In my opinion one of the best honey varieties I’ve tried. 

Andrew and I also use the manuka honey lozenges and swear by these during the winter months.

crystal honey pot with honey dipper over the top

A few favorite honey pots sourced below:

Why is sourwood honey so special?

First, it is one of the most unique flavors of honey you will find.

Secondly, it is highly coveted by food connoisseurs around the globe.

Much of this has to do with the short length of time the blossoms are on the sourwood tree. It’s a short season of four weeks from June to July. Basically, when it’s done, it’s done for the year.

jar of sourwood honey from saratoga tea and honey co

Do you use honey in your recipes? I recently added this honey to my scallop salad vinaigrette. It was so good!

Fun facts about Sourwood honey

Sourwood honey is produced from sourwood the southern Appalachian mountains of north Georgia, eastern Tennessee, and Western parts of North Carolina.

The blossoms resemble the lilies of the valley flowers and are white in color. the nectar of the flower gives the most favorable flavor.

Did you know honey is the only food known to man with no shelf life? It’s true. As long as your honey does not get any moisture (water) in it. It will last forever.

If your honey crystallizes, simply place the jar in a warm water bath until the honey returns to its liquid state. (do not place in a microwave as the high heat will kill any antibacterial properties)

Store in a cool space.

What’s the difference between poly floral honey vs. monofloral honey? 

The difference is, with poly floral honey the bees harvest several or many different types of flowers. With monofloral honey such as sourwood, the bees harvest solely on the sourwood flowers giving it a unique flavor of this honey. 

Just imagine this. The honey bees solely harvest the nectar of the flower from sourwood trees. The bees don’t fly off to other flowers. This fascinates me.

Tips & Ways to incorporate sourwood honey into your diet

  • Drizzle on top of oatmeal or yogurt
  • Add to your tea
  • Spoon over ice cream
  • Slice apples and dip them into honey
  • Add to homemade granola
  • Use in baking desserts
  • Wash your face with it (a honey mask is heavenly)
  • Put on a wound
  • Drizzle on hard cheese or brie cheese
  • Bake a honey-roasted duck or pork loin
container of trader joes greek yogurt on table
Start with one of my favorite green yogurts from Trader Joe’s
bowl of fruit with yogurt and honey being drizzled on top
Add fruit and granola, then drizzle honey on top!
blue calico bowl filled with oatmeal, fruit and honey on side in glass jar
Add honey to your oatmeal for natural sweetness
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What is sourwood honey nutrition facts?

Spring inspires me to start adding honey to my diet. Sourwood honey is a favorite plus Sourwood honey’s health benefits, taste, and nutrition are super!

One serving or one tablespoon of Sourwood honey holds 60 calories, 17 grams of carbohydrates, and 0 grams of fat and protein. While you may think 60 calories is high, remember this is natural sugar. The good stuff.

I hope you are inspired to add sourwood honey to your diet. Start by simply adding to your hot tea and then expand from there. You will also find that honey will help with Spring allergy symptoms, weight loss, and of course, its amazing health benefits I’ve listed above.

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