Rambling from the Roost – What’s Been Happening – Week 4

Welcome to another edition of Rambling from the Roost! I’m recapping everything that’s happened on the blog this week, plus what’s up next!

It’s been another busy week here at the Roost! We’ve been rambling all over the place, and we’ve got some great stories to share with you. Here’s what’s been happening:

We started the week off with a bang, with a delicious recipe for Cappuccino Squares.

They go perfectly with a cup of coffee or just as a treat after a meal. I didn’t have self-rising flour in the house so I improvised. I’m thinking the next time I’ll be sure to use the proper flour to see if they come out fluffier. Even still, they tasted fantastic!

We delivered several batches to a few of our friends and family. They are currently asking for more!!! 🙂

cappuccino dessert squares in blue dish
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Week in Review Here at the Roost

On Tuesday, I did the normal ‘maintenance’ things and had my hair cut. I’ve discovered this product and I’m totally in love with how it makes my hair feel healthier and more vibrant.

‘Mature hair’ is a thing. Two years ago I had straight hair and now it’s totally curly. Trying new products is a good idea as ‘things’ change.  This is another one of my current favorites. 

Thursday was another busy day! The sweet one and I delivered pizzelle to the tea shop. Did you know I make at least 10 dozen of these every week for delivery? During the upcoming holidays, I’ll probably be making at least two times more per week! 

There is good news and not-so-good news! My pizzelle sell like hot cakes which is great, but the not-so-good news is you have to be local to get them! (come visit Saratoga to taste them 🙂 )

dozens of pizzelle cookies
bags of pizzelle cookies with purple bows on them

Would you like one of my best baking tips? If you like to bake like I do, keep a few pieces and give the rest away. Calories are cut in half.

A week wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the local thrift shop or visiting an estate sale. I found these on Friday.

amber glass bowl on mantle
vintage glass wine decanter with tassle on it

Time to do a little Rambling about My friends

  • Leslie from Feet Under My Table shared this easy morning muffin recipe you won’t want to miss!
  • It won’t be long before we are starting to talk about turkey dinner. JJ at Thriving with Less has the best idea for spicing up your cranberry sauce. 
  • Leave it to My Little White Barn and Shannon to come up with this artichoke dish! Shannon has an eye for home decor and delicious recipes! 

Have you checked out my other social channels? Follow along so you don’t miss out on any of my tips, recipes, or stories! ( you know I love a good story 😉  Join me on my other social channels for more! Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. .

Some exciting news from my friend and mentor Leslie at My 100 Year Old Home! She wrote a book! It’s fabulous! If you love anything with home decor, this book is a must have! 

It’s been an amazing week, and we’ve had so much fun! We’re already looking forward to next week’s adventures. I’m off to Waco, Texas, so follow along on my stories to see what we’re up to. 

I’m so excited to see several of my blogging friends again in person and visit Magnolia. Have you ever been? I can’t wait to share all I learn with you.

See you soon! 

XO Susan


  1. I just love your beautiful table settings and dishes, Susan – they’re so colorful and fun! Thanks for sharing my spicy cranberry sauce recipe and the shampoo recommendations. I’m getting my hair cut next week and have been on the lookout for a new product – I’ll give these a try!

    1. You are welcome JJ. I cannot wait to try out this version of cranberry sauce. My husband loves some spice. Hope you like the products, they work fabulous!

  2. Susan,
    Loved reading this. What a fun feature. I don’t have music on but I do have my coffee and Dempsey on my lap. It’s amazing you make that many cookies every week! Happy Sunday. Have a great time in Waco. I’ve been to Magnolis once and loved it.

    1. At times I’ve forgotten to put music on but when I do, it’s always so uplifting. Yes, this week before leaving for Waco, I did 22 dozen. Filling up the shop before I leave! We will miss you Regina! 🙂

  3. Oh, I never knew you made pizzelles!!! I may have to make a visit! They look amazing. And I am in love with that place setting with roosters…so adorable! Thank you so much for sharing my muffins. I hope you love them!

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