How to Hang a Christmas Wreath on a Kitchen Cabinet

Decorating kitchen cabinets for Christmas is an easy way to bring the holiday season into your home quickly. As we approach the holidays, one charming and simple way to add a touch of warmth and cheer to your kitchen is by hanging Christmas wreaths on your kitchen cabinet.  In this blog post, we’ll explore the art of How to Hang a Christmas Wreath on a Kitchen cabinet, offering easy and creative tips to infuse your culinary space with holiday joy. 

The timeless beauty of a wreath can instantly elevate the ambiance, creating a welcoming atmosphere for family and friends. Whether you’re a seasoned decorator or someone embarking on their first festive kitchen journey, we’ve got you covered with step-by-step guidance to make your kitchen not only a hub for delicious treats but also a visually enchanting space during this special time of year.

kitchen cabinets with christmas wreaths on them
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Unveiling the Easy Art of Wreath Hanging in Your Kitchen

When it comes to decorating I love easy. Whether it’s a tablescape, a Christmas mantel, or the most used room in my home, the kitchen, I love simple ways to add to my decor. Adding a layer or pop of Christmas to your pantry door or kitchen cabinet is one of my favorite quick ways to decorate for Christmas or any holiday.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a glass door, chicken wire front mesh, metal, or a wood cabinet door these different ways of hanging a wreath method work great. And they are quick and easy. Just what we want, right!

green ornament wreath on kitchen cabinet
pine cone wreath on kitchen cabinet door

What You Will Need to Hang A Wreath On Your Kitchen Cabinet Door

Here are a few of the things you will need to get started.

  • Cute Mini Wreaths or an Everygreen Wreath of your Choice (take into consideration the size wreaths you will be using, as well as the weight of your wreath)
  • Command strips (make sure they are the perfect size for your command hook)
  • Command Hook
  • Measuring Tape
  • Suction cups (optional and depending on if you have a glass door)
  • Ribbon
  • Duct Tape

Elevate Your Culinary Space with Festive Flourish: Step-by-Step Guide to Hanging a Wreath on Your Kitchen Cabinet

Pick a Playful Wreath:

Choose a wreath that matches the vibe of your kitchen and its decor. If you love classic, then go with an evergreen wreath or try a fun, easy DIY and let your personality shine through your choice.

Command Hooks to the Rescue:

Using damage-fee hooks like command hooks is a great way to hang your wreath on the pantry door. They are easy to install and won’t leave a mark on your cabinets. Simply follow the instructions and you’re ready to roll.

Mix and Match Small Wreath:

Who said using one wreath is enough? Said no one ever! Create a captivating visual by hanging a series of mini wreaths along your cabinet door. Think of it as a culinary advent calendar.

Tie It Up With a Ribbon:

The first thing I love to use is a festive ribbon to hang my wreaths. Play with different textures which add an extra layer of charm. This simple touch can make a big impact.

My friend Melanie has an easy tutorial on how to make a bow. You can read more here.

A few of my favorite ribbons are linked here:

DIY Magic:

Are you feeling crafty? Craft a wreath using items from your kitchen like cookie cutters, wooden utensils, or herbs. Besides adding this personal touch to your culinary wonderland, it’s a fun project, like this one here!

Light it Up:

The best way to add a cozy ambiance to your kitchen during your festive cooking sessions is by adding some fairy lights around your wreath for a twinkling effect. It will look enchanting. Adding lights will not only enhance your wreaths during the day,but in the evening will add beautiful ambiance to your kitchen when the kitchen is ‘closed’ and the dishes are all cleaned up.

Kitchen Cabinet Door

Kitchen cabinets are the perfect place to hang a wreath. First, I cut the length of my ribbon and made a bow.

Once I attached the bow to my wreath, I cut a second ribbon and looped it through the wreath with a ribbon length long enough to go over the top of the door.

At the top of the cabinet, I used clear packing tape to attach to the top of the cabinet. If you don’t have a packing tape, painter’s tape could easily be used. I’ve used the clear packing tape without any issue to my cabinet doors.

ribbon attached to back of cabinet door with packing tape
Christmas ornament wreath hung to cabinet by ribbon taped to the back of the door

Comman Hooks

When hanging my grapevine magnolia wreath, I attached the red ribbon with stripes to the back of the wreath with my hot glue gun. For fun, I added some red berries.

Next, I attached a command hook to the cabinet. Be sure the hook attachs securely by giving it plenty of time to set, usually an hour is best.

command hook on door with christmas wreath going to be attached and hang

For the next step, using a small piece of pipe cleaner or wire, make a loop on the back of the wreath and hang on the command hook. This easy method works great and is the no fuss method.

faux magnolia wreath hanging on pantry door

Glass Doors

Glass doors are the perfect place to hang a wreath as well. In this case, rather than use a suction cup, I used another type of command hook. With this hook I looked to use one with a small plastic hook rather than a command hook with a wire hook. Since the simple wreath was not heavy, this option worked best.

TIP: Don ‘t forget you can add weaths to any mirror or the back of a dining room chair.

christmas wreath hanging on a glass china cabinet door

I then added the rest of the ribbon I was using on my Christmas tree to this beautiful wreath. The rough edged velvet ribbon softened up the texture of the silver greenery wreath.

Adding a piece of ribbon to your decorations is always a good option to elevate a simple look. This one year I had used the same ribbon throughout my whole home.

two cabinet door with glass and wreaths hanging on them

Shop & Source

gold wreath hanging on a glass mirror

Mesh or Wired Doors

For mesh or wired front doors, I would use the ribbon method. With this Fresh Rosemary wreath I attached it with tape to the back of the cabinet door. 

rosemary wreath hanging on mesh cabinet door

Ideas you may not have thought of for during the year

Hanging a wreath on your cabinet isn’t just for the holidays. Tis the season to deck the halls, and what better way to infuse your kitchen with holiday merriment than by adorning your kitchen cabinets with Christmas wreaths? However, hanging a wreath on your cabinet isn’t just for the holidays.

Imagine a springtime kitchen adorned with vibrant floral wreaths, bringing the freshness of the season indoors. Choose smaller, colorful wreaths that reflect the blooming outdoors, instantly transforming your culinary space into a lively oasis.

During the summer months

During the summer, opt for nautical-themed wreaths adorned with seashells or driftwood to evoke beachy vibes that perfectly complement the sunny weather.

Fall brings an opportunity to experiment with rustic and harvest-themed wreaths. Think about incorporating elements like dried leaves, miniature pumpkins, or acorns for a cozy and inviting autumn ambiance in your kitchen.

After the Holidays

As winter approaches, consider swapping out your Christmas wreaths for elegant, snow-inspired alternatives, ushering in a serene winter wonderland that lasts beyond the holiday rush.

For a touch of everyday charm, choose wreaths that resonate with your kitchen’s color scheme or theme. Incorporate herbs like rosemary or thyme into your wreaths for a fragrant and functional twist.

With these versatile ideas, your kitchen cabinets can be a canvas for seasonal expression all year round, turning ordinary days into extraordinary moments.

green thumbtack

Top 3 Tips for Hanging Wreaths on Cabinet Doors

Choose the Right Hardward

  1. Choose the Right Hardware: Opt for damage-free hooks or adhesive strips designed for cabinets. Ensure they can support the weight of the wreath without causing damage.

Positioning Matters

  1. Positioning Matters: Find the ideal placement by centering the wreath and ensuring it doesn’t interfere with cabinet functionality. Test different positions before finalizing.

Secure and Adjust

  1. Secure and Adjust: Double-check the security of your hanging method, and make any necessary adjustments. Regularly inspect the wreath’s placement to ensure it stays in position throughout the holiday season.

Remember, the key is to have fun and let your creativity flow. Elevate your culinary space with these simple steps, and watch your kitchen transform into a festive haven!

Well, so there you have it my friend – the secret sauce to decking out your kitchen cabinets with Christmas spirit! Hanging those wreaths is like giving your kitchen a festive hug. It’s such a simple move, but it brings so much warmth and holiday magic. So, grab your wreath, pick the perfect spot on those cabinets, and let’s get your kitchen ready for the season!

Happy decorating, and may your holidays be as cozy as your Christmas kitchen!

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