Rambling from the Roost: Volume 18

Hey friend, it’s time for another round of Rambling from the Roost and random thoughts! The weeks are flying by and I’m finding I could use another 24 hours in my day.

During life’s hustle and bustle, there are moments when slowing down becomes an unexpected yet invaluable gift. Have you ever noticed this as well?

Recently, our household experienced this pause when the sweet one was a bit under the weather which brought our home into a much slower place. While tending to the care that enveloped us, it ushered in a serene calm that prompted both of us to embrace this slower pace.

Amidst the quieter moments, something beautiful unfolded. The enforced slowdown became an opportunity for creativity and exploration in the kitchen. A few new recipes danced on my stovetop, filling the air with comforting aromas and providing solace to both our hearts and souls.

The extra time afforded by the slowed rhythm allowed me to engage in a therapeutic bout of cleaning and organizing, transforming our living space into a haven of further organization.

As I navigated through these unhurried days, there was a silver lining that brightened the horizon—the prospect of a home that is not just well-tended but radiates warmth and joy.

This unexpected interlude serves as a gentle reminder that amidst the chaos of the impending Christmas rush, there is beauty in simplicity and rejuvenation in taking things one step at a time. Even if you, or someone in your family, is under the weather and your list seems unattainable.

If you find you are also in this place, I’m here to encourage you that these unhurried moments can linger, slow it down, and bring forth a sense of peace and fulfillment, even as the holiday season approaches with its joyful whirlwind.

What I Was Up To This Past Week

Once I cleaned out my pantry, the kitchen drawers, the linen closet, and more I took a trip down memory lane.

A Delicious Trip Down Memory Lane

This past week I took you on a delicious trip down memory lane as we dove into the heart of authentic Italian cooking. It’s those childhood kitchen memories that inspired me to share a taste of my home with you today – a mouthwatering journey into the world of an Authentic Italian Potatoes and Eggs Frittata Recipe! You can read the post here.

authentic italian potatoes and eggs frittata
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Do You Have Extra Ornaments Laying Around?

I took a bin of green ornaments I wasn’t using and created this ornament wreath! It took only about thirty minutes from start to finish to create this last week.

green ornament wreath hanging on kitchen cabinet

The Handcrafted Society Monthly Get-Together

6 of my blogging buddies got together to create their idea of what to do with ornaments. These ladies are all so talented. You won’t want to miss this,

So get ready to dive into the world of DIY crafts and turn our spaces into winter wonderlands! Read more here!

several photos of handcrafted society posts

What Inspired Me This Week

One of my favorite recipes to make for the holidays.

Need a last-minute gift idea? Gift-giving just got a whole lot easier! Every age will love this, just change the beverage.

You know how I love gold, well this golden Christmas table has me swooning.

Makes a great gift for any age!

Is someone in your family working from home? They would love this!

This touchless kitchen necessity.

She will love this for a little self-care.

Get organized before and after Christmas morning.

The wine-lover’s gift they will use over and over.

How about a delicious snack mix just in time for Christmas? This easy recipe is on my list to make.

The whole family gets to enjoy this over and over.

If you’ve ever had one, you’ll know why this is a must!

This mini fits in a drawer and will get used daily.

He’ll love finding this under the tree!

This would look so pretty on your Christmas table.

So dear friend, as we wrap up another edition of Rambling from the Roost and Random Thoughts, I want to leave you with a warm wish for a delightful Sunday. In the midst of life’s rapid pace, I hope this day offers you a chance to hit the pause button, savoring the simple joys and beauty that surround you. May you find moments of tranquility, laughter, and connection, allowing the season to unfold in all its glory. As we bid farewell, here’s to a Happy Sunday filled with the sweet cadence of slowing down and embracing the serenity of the present moment.

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  1. I am going ot try this frittata , it sounds delicious! and I loved your wreath, so pretty Susan!

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