Easy to Make DIY Christmas Wreath with Ornaments

Come on in!  I’ve been waiting for you. Welcome to my cozy corner of holiday cheer. Today, I’m spilling the secrets of creating the perfect DIY Christmas wreath with ornaments. Do you like cocoa? Oh, that’s great, I’ll make you a cup while we have a few laughs and start crafting together – because this wreath-making adventure is as easy as it gets. Let’s add a sprinkle of festive magic to our front door, and make some fun memories as we go. 

As we dive into the world of ornaments, ribbons, and evergreen wonders, you’ll see just how simple and delightful creating your own Christmas wreath can be. So, grab a seat, sip that cocoa, and let the holiday crafting festivities begin!

green ornament wreath with red ribbon hanging on kitchen cupboard
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How do you make a wreath out of Christmas ornaments?

Well, when it comes to the holiday season, and you have a hot glue gun, you can make a DIY wreath out of any element! What better way to use extra small ornaments from the dollar store or your private stash of holiday decorating items, than to make a pretty wreath? Grab those unused treasures and let us start turning them into a festive masterpiece together.

This season, I’ve been getting into the holiday spirit by updating old wreaths for my home. This fall I started by using an old wreath form like this one and it came out great.

Transform Your Holiday Decor with Budget-Friendly DIY Wreaths

The best part is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Plus, it’s a great way to use smaller ornaments you may have but are not using. We all have those bins where maybe we just don’t use that color to decorate our home any longer.

For example, last year I used more greens on my Christmas tree, and this year, I went with ivory and gold. Rather than have the small green ornaments sitting around, I thought about repurposing them into a dazzling wreath.

green ornaments in a bin

Crafting a Festive Welcome: DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas

Here are 9 different ways and ideas to get you started. 

1. Traditional Elegance: Create a classic wreath using green or red ornaments like I did. Adorned the wreath with a luxurious bow that is both timeless and adds an elegant touch.

2. Rustic Charm: Do you like more a rustic look? Using natural elements like pine cones, twine or wooden ornaments will create a cozy and rustic welcome. With this particular wreath, all you need to do is change the ribbon to update it for each season.

3. Glamorous Gold: I love adding gold to anything. Gold-toned ornaments, ribbons, and glitter always add sparkle and shine, and that is a great thing! 

4. Whimsy and Wonderland: Infuse mini ornaments with colorful red berries, creating and capturing the joy and magic of the season.

Citrus Sweets, Winter Wonderland & Vintage Vibes

5. Citrus Sweets: If you love dried citrus slices and warm tones, this post by my friend Wendy from WM Design is a wonderful way to make dried orange ornaments.

6. Winter Wonderland of White: White was my mom’s favorite color and come to think of it. I may do all white next year. Brook from Farmhouse1820 wrote a whole post about designing and decorating an all-white Christmas tree. You can use snowflakes, silver ornaments, and white ribbons for a chic and wintery appeal. Read more here.

7. Add a personalized touch: Personalizing with monogrammed ornaments or your favorite things from your family in years past will showcase those special items.

8. Vintage Vibe: During the year I’m always looking for vintage ornaments at thrift stores or flea markets. Vintage bulbs bring a touch of yesteryear. 

9. Fragrance that is festive: Integrate aromatic elements like fresh greenery or cinnamon sticks that not only look festive but also have a delightful scent.

bin of green ornaments, ribbon, wire wreath frame

Christmas Ornament Wreath Supplies

Follow this list for everything you will need:

  • Floral Wire or Pipe Cleaner (to attach ribbon)
  • Wire wreath form
  • Glue Sticks
  • Glue Gun
  • Ribbon
  • Shatterproof ball ornaments
  • Christmas greenery

Deck the Halls with Creativity: Step-by-Step Guide to a DIY Ornament Wreath

Follow along with this easy tutorial to make this fun ornament wreath!

plaid ribbon in green with merry christmas written on it and green ornament bulbs
  • Using shatterproof ornaments for this wreath is best. I used these pretty green non-glass ornaments. If using a wreath with glass ornaments, I wouldn’t recommend hanging this type of wreath outdoors where the wind could blow it around.
  • I’m opting to hang my wreath on the inside of my front door or hang it from my kitchen cabinet door.
wire wreath form with green ribbon being wrapped around the wire form
  • Step one: Wrap the wire wreath frame with a green ribbon. If you wanted to you could use jute or a strip of burlap ribbon. The idea is to cover the wire so the glue and ornaments adhere easily.
glue gun and a dot of glue adhering the green ribbon to the wreath form
  • Simply wrap the form around and around. When you are finished wrapping add a dot of glue to the back side of the ribbon to hold it in place.
green ball ornaments being glued to the wire wreath frame
  • Step two: Next, I started with the outer edge of the wreath form and began attaching the ornaments with hot glue.
gluing the ribbon to the wire wreath frame
  • To keep the ribbon in place, I added glue to hold the ribbon to the green base.
  • I placed one at a time to close any small gaps. Don’t worry if you have a few spaces in between, we will finish filling in the small spaces with Christmas greenery.
working around the wreath form adding more green ornaments to the frame

TIP: Before gluing the ornaments in place lay the ornaments around the wreath to ensure you have enough ornaments.

  • Continue filling the wreath frame with the ornaments until you have gone all the way around the frame. Use various sizes with some small and larger ornaments.
adding faux cedar greenery to the small empty spaces of the wreath
  • Step 3: An easy way to fill in the small gaps is to add dollar tree greenery. Adding greenery is also a great way to add visual interest and texture to the wreath.
  • Step 4: Add a ribbon or bow to the outside of the wreath.

Adding Whimsy and Woodland Magic

To elevate the charm of my DIY Christmas Wreath, I decided to add a touch of whimsy and woodland magic. I selected a second ribbon adorned with adorable reindeer, invoking the playful spirit of Santa’s sleigh.

As I intertwined this ribbon with the wreath’s foliage, the reindeer pranced merrily among the ornaments, adding a delightful and festive flair. The contrasting yet harmonious combination of the Merry Christmas ribbon and the reindeer motif transformed our creation into a captivating beautiful wreath.

adding faux greenery to the wreath form in between the ornament bulbs

This Easy-to-Make DIY Christmas Wreath with Ornaments now stands as a testament to our shared holiday cheer, an artistic collaboration that brings joy to our home and those who pass by.

green thumbtack
pinterest pin for diy christmas wreath with ornaments

Shop & Source

green ornament wreath hanging on kitchen cabinet door

This option can easily be transformed for any season.

How fun is this for your front porch?

One of my favorites to date is this magnolia wreath.


Q1: What materials do I need for a DIY Christmas wreath with ornaments? A: The essential materials include a wreath base, various ornaments, hot glue, ribbons, and optional decorative elements like pinecones or greenery.

Q2: Can I use old or mismatched ornaments for my wreath? A. Absolutely! Repurposing mismatched or old ornaments is a fantastic way to create a unique and personalized wreath while reducing waste.

Q3: Are there any tips for beginners attempting a DIY Wreath for the first time? A. Certainly! Start with a simple design, secure larger ornaments first, and experiment with placement before gluing. Also, have fun and let your creativity guide you!

Festive Joy

So, there you have it—my DIY wreath is now this explosion of festive joy! I found the perfect way to put to good use the unused green ornaments I found,

It’s amazing how adding your personal touch can turn a simple project into a reflection of your style. So grab some different colors of ornaments, get creative, and make your wreath—it’s like giving your front door a big, cheerful hug!

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  1. This wreath is stunning Susan! Love all green and the tops sticking out rather thhan trying to hide them.

    1. Thank you Diane. It’a a great way to use what you have in your home in a fun new way.

  2. Looks so pretty on your cabinet! Your Christmas cactus looks so healthy on your counter too. Have a Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you Jennifer! The cactus has bloomed at Christmas and at Easter. Not sure how I managed that! lol

  3. This looks amazing on your kitchen cabinet! I love the layers of green. And your ribbon is fantastic! Truly a great handcrafted project, Susan!

  4. Susan I love Christmas projects like this one! Your wreath is so pretty with all green ornaments and your ribbon is perfect in your kitchen!

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