Rambling from the Roost 17: Weekly Inspiration

Welcome to another round of Rambling from the Roost 17: and your weekly inspiration.

Not to set in any panic for you but did you know Christmas is 22 days away? Oh, my heavens. where does the time go?

It’s been another busy few weeks here at The Roost and I can’t wait to share with you what’s been happening, my big announcement, and lots of inspiration for you!

Enchanting Encounters: My Husband’s Whimsical Tale of Hand-Feeding a Backyard Bunny

First off, before I get to my big announcement, my sweet husband has been befriending this little rabbit in our backyard for several weeks now. I’m astonished that our little wild ‘outdoor’ bunny, Cutie Pie, has warmed up to Andrew and he has been able to hand feed him, several times!

Cutie Pie is a wild rabbit and I think will get more skittish of us as he gets a little older, but it’s been fun for a few weeks! Never in my wildest dreams did I think Andrew would be able to establish such trust between him and the bunny. I happened to catch it all on video of the bunny running over to him. (It took many days and much patience on Andrew’s part)

Andrew feeding a wild bunny outside by hand
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A Fiery Revelation: Embracing the Warmth as Brand Ambassador for Fireplace Safety Screens

Now for my Big news to share – I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that I’m now the brand ambassador for Fireplace Safety Screen! Do you know those cozy evenings by the fireplace? Well, these fantastic folks make mesh screens that keep you from accidentally touching the hot glass on your fireplaces. Safety first, right?

If you’re curious or want to chat more about how to keep those flames flickering safely, drop me a line! Let’s make sure your fireplace is both snug and secure. Reach out for a cozy chat and let’s spread some warmth without the worry!

In Addition: Stay tuned for more about the fantastic new decorative and porch/patio products that will be coming out soon!

Culinary Adventures with Brussels Sprout Leaf Tops

I shared one of our recent trips to the Farmers Market on social media recently. What a stir this caused in a good way. Most of my readers hadn’t tried this and neither had I.

I had no idea you could eat the tops and leaves of Brussels sprouts plants. After the vendor told us about this, I came home and immediately cooked them up.

Andrew and I at farmers market with a large stalk of brussel sprouts in hand

Unveiling a Delectable New Recipe to Elevate Your Brussels Sprout Experience

Here is the how-to’s and easy recipe:

  • Cut the tops of the leaves off of the brussel sprout stem.
  • Wash the leaves thoroughly in cold water to remove any sand or dirt.
  • Heat a stock pot with water.
  • Once the pot of water is at a rolling boil, add the leaves and blanch them for about three minutes.
  • Remove from water and strain.
  • Once strained, heat olive oil in a frying pan.
  • Add the Brussels sprout leaves in the hot oil, tossing continually.
  • Add garlic powder, garlic salt, black pepper, and crushed red pepper flakes (optional).
  • Serve warm.

They taste like spinach and are super high in vitamins and minerals. The pan frying makes them almost crunchy. We both loved them!

sauteed brussel sprouts leaves on a dish

Spring Dreams and Screened Porch Schemes

We’ve been planning to build an addition of an outdoor covered porch, patio, and a few more raised gardens in our backyard. Our contractor had to have his knee replaced so we opted to put in the footings this November before his surgery. Come next Spring, we will get started on the rest of the project.

Planning Ahead for a Cozy Retreat – The Screened Porch Project Unveiled

I distinctly remember my parents putting on a huge addition to the back of their home. As my dad stood with the measuring tape showing my mom where the room would end, she politely responded, ‘Bigger’ go a little bit bigger!

Fast forward to our home. That conversation is almost exactly how our measuring went for our new porch. Always go just a little bigger!

back yard with the beginning measuring of a screened porch being done

The plan is to have white pillars on the corners, and electronic screens to raise and lower, once the roof is on. I love moldings so at some point, I’d love to add some decorative molding to the pillars or whatnot!

footings being put into ground for future screened porch

SIDE NOTE: Believe it or not, I already have the vintage furniture for the room. I found this set a few years ago and didn’t want to pass it up. I know I could go years before finding a couch that is as long as the one that goes with this set.

I can picture Andrew being able to snooze in the summer and being able to stretch out on its length.

black wicker furniture in yard with picnic basket and table set next to chairs

Tis the Season: Christmas Magic Unfolds at the Roost

Up next, is Christmas decorating! This year I got a head start on my decorating.

Our holiday display is an ode to vintage sophistication, with gold ornaments, ivory, and gold ribbons gracefully draping from the tree. Candle lights elegantly adorn every branch, casting a warm and enchanting glow.

christmas mantel with santa on mantel shelf decorated in gold and ivory

Decking the Halls: A Sneak Peek into My Festive Christmas Decorations

The palette is a harmonious blend of green and ivory, accented with touches of crystal and gold, creating a refined ambiance. As the sun sets, countless twinkle lights and the soft flicker of candlelight will transform this space into a magical haven.

I can’t wait to share all of my Christmas decorations with you soon!

gold ornaments on christmas tree with gold velvet bows tied at the top of the ornament

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Things that are inspiring me this week from around the web

These cozy pjs!

This is incredibly soft and an adorable print for your wardrobe!

Do you love peppermint? You’ll love this fun tablescape!

I’m obsessing over this skirt for Christmas Day!

One of my very favorite snacks in winter is this!

If you have Spode Christmas china you’ll want to read this!

I hope you enjoyed this weekly Rambling from the Roost 17! See you soon!

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  1. I hardly wait for your screened-in porch! I know you will style it beautifully! Thank you so much for sharing my post on Spode Christmas dishes! Have an awesome week!


    1. You’re welcome. We are so excited about a new living space.

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