Christmas Magic: 7 Women Share DIY Crafts

Hey, crafty ladies! Tis the season and time for another round of The Handcrafted Society monthly get-together. This month the medium is all about ornaments., So let’s get creative and add some personal touches to your holiday decor. Get ready to dive into the world of DIY crafts and turn our spaces into winter wonderlands!

So, gather your supplies, and let’s embark on a crafting journey together, creating memories and decorations that will last for seasons to come. Happy crafting!

Shiny Green Ornament Wreath: Instant Holiday Elegance for Your Space

Susan @henandhorsedesign

Earlier in the week, I posted a DIY Tutorial on how to make an Easy to Make DIY Christmas Wreath with Ornaments. I dove into the festive spirit with a shiny green ornament wreath that will instantly transform any space into a holiday haven, using everything I already had and wasn’t using.

green christmas ornaments being put on a wreath
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Ornament wreath made with green ball ornaments.

First up, repurpose those pool noodles into whimsical wreaths that’ll add a pop of color to any door.

Pool Noodles into Whimsical Wreaths: Dive into Creativity

Missy @sonatahomedesign

Missy @sonatahomedesign is ready to deck the halls and sparkle! Transform those ho-hum Christmas ornament balls into a centerpiece wonderland with just a pool noodle and, believe it or not, a broomstick handle! This DIY project is the epitome of bold and beautiful, adding a touch of magic to your holiday decor that’ll leave everyone with a little jingle in their step!

Bright colored Christmas Ornament centerpiece

Next, get ready to dazzle your tree with beaded ornaments, a simple yet stunning addition that brings a touch of elegance.

Sequined and Beaded Ornaments: Sparkle and Elegance for a Dazzling Holiday

Amy @amysadlerdesigns

Do you remember your grandma’s sequin and beaded ornaments on the tree and how they sparkled? Amy @amysadlerdesigns has recreated these beautiful nostalgic ornaments! When I saw Amy’s creation I fell in love with these ornaments all over again.

Handmade Christmas Ornament with pink and purple.

For those on a budget, the dollar store DIY ornament Christmas tree is a game-changer, proving that holiday magic doesn’t have to break the bank.

DIY Ornament Christmas Tree from Dollar Tree: Budget-Friendly Holiday Magic

Melanie @southerncrushathome

Learn the process of making your own Christmas ornament tree using a few simple materials that you can find at your local dollar store from Melanie @southerncrushathome. I could picture this adorable ornament tree on your buffet table!

Red DIY ornament Christmas Tree

Up next, elevate your tree decorations with alcohol ink ornaments, showcasing a mesmerizing blend of colors.

Alcohol Ink Ornaments: A Mesmerizing Blend of Colors Unleashed

Diane @southhousedesigns

Are you like Diane @southhousedesigns ? Do you have a great ribbon and idea for a wreath, but can never find ornaments in the right colors? Not anymore! Look at these ornaments Diane made to complement some Christmas stockings. Can you believe these ornaments are so easy to make? I can’t wait to get some alcohol ink and make some myself. Beat you to the store. Ladies, of course, edit this any way you want.

Alcohol ink diy ornaments

Explore your artistic side with painted clay leaf ornaments, capturing the essence of the season in every stroke.

Painted Clay Leaf Ornaments: Artistry Inspired by Nature’s Beauty

Jennifer @cottageonbunkerhill

Moving on, craft adorable air-dried gingerbread clay ornaments for a rustic charm that’s both nostalgic and heartwarming with this darling idea.

Jennifer @cottageonbunkerhill created these beautiful leaf ornaments. Bring the beauty of nature into your Christmas decor with these DIY-painted clay leaf ornaments. Use a clay and a leaf-shaped mold to craft a set of aged gold ornaments to add an elegant touch to your Christmas tree this year.

Clay leaf ornaments

And finally, dive into the festive spirit with these fun and adorable air-dried gingerbread ornaments.

Craft adorable air-dried gingerbread clay ornaments for a rustic charm

Wendy @wmdesignhouse

Do you adore gingerbread? Today, Wendy is excited to unveil the simplest method for crafting the most adorable ornaments using air-dry clay. It’s a straightforward, enjoyable, and engaging activity perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Wendy is so talented and these ornaments are the sweetest!

Gingerbread Air Dried Clay ornaments are lying on a cutting board.
green thumbtack
pinterest pin for handcrafted society for december all about ornaments

Crafting Memories: A Heartwarming Finale to our Festive Journey

As we wrap up our festive crafting journey with this month’s Handcrafted Society, it’s truly heartwarming to envision the collective creativity and personal touches each of you will add to your holiday spaces.

From the whimsical wreaths made from repurposed pool noodles to the elegance of beaded ornaments and the budget-friendly charm of the dollar store DIY ornament Christmas tree, we’ve explored a spectrum of possibilities. The mesmerizing blend of colors in alcohol ink ornaments, the artistic strokes of painted clay leaf ornaments, and the rustic charm of air-dried gingerbread clay ornaments have added layers of warmth and character to our seasonal creations.

And let’s not forget the instant holiday elegance brought by the shiny green ornament wreath! So, here’s to the joy of crafting, to memories made, and to transforming our homes into enchanting winter wonderlands.

May your holidays be as magical as the creations you’ve brought to life!

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  1. So many great ideas! Always fun to craft with you, Susan!

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