Easy to Make Dip Mix

“Dill”icious Spinach Dip

Planning for the holidays and what I’ll be serving my company is half the fun of actually having Thanksgiving or Christmas at my home. Planning is the keyword here! Once planned, everything seems to be so much more enjoyable! I’m sharing with you today my favorite Dill-icious Spinach Dip Mix by Mad Dash Mixes! 

Mad Dash Dip Mixes takes all the work out of entertaining for you! Let me show you how!

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Step One – Decide What Type of Serving Dish

When planning for a party one thing I love to do is set a pretty display for the food I’ll be serving my guests. Pretty much every time I entertain you’ll find one if not several of these are used.  I love how height adds beauty to your table or buffet.

Prior to my guests arriving, I pull out each serving dish that I’ll be using for each appetizer, charcuterie, or dip mix. Then I place the serving spoon or utensil on top of the dish. This way when guests are arriving I’m not rummaging thru my silverware drawer looking for a serving utensil. I cannot tell you how many times this has helped me when guests are ready to eat! 

For this ‘Dill’icious Spinach Dip I thought I would place it under my vintage glass cloche! Doesn’t that look so lovely!

pumpkins on a table

Ten Minutes to Prep

Ten minutes is all you need. Add 8 oz of mayonnaise to 8 oz of sour cream, then blend in the Dip Mix. I’ve used my favorite mixing bowl set. 

That is it! 

Mad Dash Mixes has taken all the guesswork out of mixing for you.

That is perfect in my book!

Mad Dash Mixes has generously offered a 15% Discount Sitewide for my readers with the code HENANDHORSE

dip in a dish on the counter

Once your Dip Mix is prepped, cover and keep in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve. 

crackers and dip

Serving Ideas

To serve my Dip Mix, I added a gluten-free cracker option for my gluten-free guests. In addition, I also added a  seeded sourdough bread cube option for ease of dipping and eating. 

(For those with gluten intolerance, gluten-free crackers are best served in a separate dish for cross-contamination. For my purpose today, I’ve opted to show you both together)

Once my planning and appetizers are done, you can relax and enjoy the time with your family and guests!

Isn’t that what the holidays are all about?



Eat and be Merry!

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jars of buckwheat honey on table

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