Spring Table Decor Using Pink and Blue

Are you excited about Spring? Today I’m sharing my gorgeous Spring Table Decor using Pink and Blue just in time for Spring or an occasion.

Bring Spring into your home with a beautiful pop of color! It always amazes me how quickly I can change and brighten any space in my home for Spring using beautiful colors, fresh flowers or even just moving things around in a new way. Pink and blue always say ‘hello happy home’ to me!

Decorating your table with Spring table decor can be an enjoyable and creative experience. To add a unique, romantic touch to your home decor, try creating a special cut flowers spring arrangement using pink and then add blues with dishes or other elements.

spring table decor using pink and blue
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With these elegant colors as inspiration, you can transform any space into an inviting atmosphere perfect for family gatherings or celebratory events.

Maybe it’s something as simple as adding small accents like my silver trays, a special teapot, or something more extravagant such as an eye-catching centerpiece display, you’ll have no trouble transforming your spring table decor and your room in time for spring!

Keep reading to find out how you can use pink and blue decoration ideas to make this happen in your own home.

blue goblet on table with pink candle
blue and white pottery with pink flowers in pitcher

How to decorate a table for Spring

I always think of flowers, fresh greens, or pulling out a different set of dishes when I start to feel that ‘spring’ in my step. Nothing says Spring more than gorgeous fresh-cut flowers on a table.

Pulling out my blue chintz dishes seemed to be the perfect match for this tablescape.

Spring table decor ideas

  • create floral arrangements in unique vessels such as dough bowls, teacups, watering cans, cut out the center of a pineapple, an old boot, mason jars, or soup tureens
  • add moss around the base of your arrangement or under a cloche with items like a birds nest, a knick-nack
  • use fresh flowering plants in terra cotta pots
  • small wooden crates filled with jars of cut flowers
  • place your table runner width-wise rather than lengthwise, two table runners look beautiful this way
  • arrange cherry blossom stems in a vase
  • vintage crystal sugar and creamer containers make great plate toppers with a few baby rose buds in the water
  • mix your tableware with different patterns
  • use colorful napkins such as pinks, yellows, oranges, or violet
  • coordinate the napkins with different colored plate chargers or placemats
  • one favorite way to bring your spring table decor up a notch is to add forsythia stems

When should I start decorating for Spring?

I typically feel the need to change my decor in mid to late February which is earlier than most and the recommended time of March.

Usually, by the time March rolls around, I’ve already been into re-organizing every space in my home for several weeks and itching to get a new look for my freshly cleaned space.

Remember, however, this is my job or I should say it’s my passion. Being ahead of the calendar is sort of what I do so that I can bring you fresh ideas in time for you to incorporate them into your home decor.

How to transition from Winter to Spring decor?

Okay! Let me count the ways! Or at least give you a few ideas.

  • change out your decorative pillows
  • lighten up the throws
  • remove any pinecones or winter greenery
  • add fruits or vegetables in arrangements
  • switch to lighter patterns on your bedding
  • remove any winter artwork and replace it with beautiful botanicals
  • freshen up your mantel with lighter shades and textures
  • declutter from the richer and cozy layers of winter
pink chintz dishes on table with pink candle
pink and blue tablescape

How to arrange a cut flower bouquet

When it comes to arranging flowers the key is to create balance. The height of the arrangement should be about one and one-half times the height of your vessel.

pink country roses and baby roses on table

Do’s and don’ts in making table centerpieces

Let’s start with the do list first.

  • Pay attention to the height of the centerpiece on your table
    • Arrangements should be 24 inches or higher or 12″ and lower allowing guests to be able to carry on a conversation in view of each other
    • Keep in mind the size and shape of the table ( is your table long and narrow, wide, short, or round)
    • how about your vessel? is it large or smaller?
    • vary the flowers and greenery for interesting texture and bloom size
  • Don’t fill the table with so much that guests cannot put their plates down
    • having enough space is key for your guests to feel comfortable
    • when using a rectangular table, be mindful of using just one arrangement, opt for two or three to even out the table
    • No need to limit yourself to just flowers, how about creating a centerpiece out of candles or old books that are stacked with vintage eyeglasses and greenery possibly for your book club meeting?

Creating a cut flower arrangement

  1. Create a grid using scotch tape to hold the stems in place
antique crock with scotch tape grid on top for filling flowers

2. Add your greenery first

old crock with eucalyptus in it

3. Next add your largest flowers. I used one bunch of pink country roses.

pink roses in a ceramic crock

4. Place smaller floral stems in between the larger ones. I used one bunch of spray roses for this.

pink country roses with small spray roses in crock

5. Fill in with other smaller stems of your choice, varying the texture and size of the blooms.

How to keep cut flowers fresh

Over the years I’ve had fresh-cut flowers last weeks and others only a few days. Here is what I’ve found works for me.

  • use a clean, freshly washed vessel
  • cut flower stems at an angle with sharp shears or clippers
  • remove all the leaves on the stem
  • dip the end of the stem in cool water
  • replace the water with fresh water every day
  • feed your flowers with flower food
pink flowers on dining table

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Spring is the perfect time to experiment with fresh, vibrant colors in your home decor. Pink and blue are a classic combination that can be used in a variety of ways to freshen up your space. Arranging a cut flower arrangement is a simple way to add a touch of spring to any room. There are a few things to keep in mind when arranging flowers, but don’t let that stop you from getting creative! With a little practice, you’ll be arrangements like a pro in no time. Are you ready to decorate for spring?

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