DIY Guide: How to Paint a Bold Black Accent Wall

Have you wanted to create a room with a dark accent wall but were afraid to try it? Oh good! Today I’m sharing my DIY Guide: How to Paint a Bold Black Accent Wall. 

If you’re anything like me, the challenge of choosing a wall color for a small space can be overwhelming, especially when contemplating new paint and dark paint. The uncertainty creeps in – what if the new paint chosen doesn’t quite hit the mark? What if it’s too light or too dark? Most worrisome of all, what if I end up disliking it after it’s painted? (But hey, don’t let that fear hold you back – remember, it’s just paint! Since you’ll be facing it daily, nailing the perfect color is crucial.

I grappled with all these concerns before settling on black for my accent wall. I craved a bold statement and a focal point, yet I needed assurance that it would harmonize with the space.

Initially skeptical, I scoured for inspiration, doubting whether a black wall would complement a small room.

I stand corrected. What I uncovered was that black transcends style and room size, which made the whole room feel larger. 

black accent wall in bedroom
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What do I need to know about painting a wall black?

When it comes to painting your wall black there are three important things to keep in mind. 

  1. The first thing to take into consideration is that painting a room is the easiest and quickest way to change or update your room for the least amount of money. 
  2. Secondly, the room needs to be well-lit. Black paint colors absorb the light so having a good amount of natural light is key.
  3. Lastly, before painting take a moment to plan out what you will pair with your black accent wall in terms of decorative elements.  Black wall paint pairs best with warm tones of wood, ivory, and rich textures. 
black accent wall in bedroom with gold frames on wall

Before: Room with White Walls

Prior to painting the guest room, I had hardwood flooring installed.

room prior to painting a black accent wall

Other Key Considerations for Painting a Black Accent Wall

Choose the Right Wall:

Select a wall that will serve as the focal point of the room. Typically, this is the wall that draws the most attention or the one with architectural features you want to highlight.

Contrast and Balance:

Black creates a strong contrast, so ensure that it complements the existing color scheme and decor in the room. Consider how the black wall will interact with other elements, such as furniture, artwork, and lighting, to achieve a balanced look. 

painting a black accent wall with painters tape on wall

Preparation is Key:

Properly prepare the wall by cleaning and patching any imperfections. Sand the surface to create a smooth base for the paint. Use painter’s tape to protect adjacent surfaces and trim. 

Quality Paint and Tools:

Invest in high-quality black paint to achieve a rich, even finish. Choose a paint finish that suits the room’s function and your aesthetic preferences. Additionally, have the right tools on hand, including brushes, rollers, and trays. 

wall being painted with black paint for accent wall

Test and Sample:

Before committing to the entire wall, test the black paint on a small section or a sample board. This will help you gauge the color’s appearance in different lighting conditions and ensure it meets your expectations. 

Layering and Texture:

Consider incorporating texture or different shades of black to add depth to the wall. This can be achieved through techniques like sponge painting, stenciling, or using textured paints. 

Lighting Considerations:

The intensity and direction of light can significantly impact how black walls are perceived. Experiment with various lighting setups to find the right balance between drama and functionality. 

Accessorize Thoughtfully:

After painting, reevaluate the room’s decor. Introduce accessories and furnishings that complement the black accent wall, enhancing the overall aesthetic without overwhelming the space. 

gold frame picture of mother and child on black accent wall

What type of paint is best for a black wall?

The choice of paint finish is crucial for a black accent wall. Opting for an eggshell or higher sheen, like a satin finish, rather than a matte black paint finish, is a great way to enhance durability and facilitates easier cleaning, ensuring a lasting and elegant appearance for your bold design choice and being your best option.

entire room black

great options

How do you paint an accent wall black? 

Here is the secret! This is going to sound simple but it’s true. The best way to make your accent wall look great is to prep and prep some more.

Using quality painting tape is key. I used FrogTape for this room for the first time, and I was totally sold on this product. 

The lines came out crisp without any bleed-through. 

I’ve never been the best at the prepping portion before a project truthfully. I must admit though, after this renovation, I see the value in doing so.

I cannot state this enough.

The first step is to clear out and clean your room. In my case, before painting we ripped out the carpet and installed a kona-colored dark hardwood floor. The hardwood matches the wood floors throughout our home. 

The next step is to use painter’s tape to cover and outline the edges of the wall that will not be painted black. 

Once that is complete, it’s time to add a coat of paint. Start by trimming the corners, and the top of the ceiling with the new paint. The best option is to use an angeled paint brush to cut into the corners. The painter’s tape will help tremendously in keeping the black paint from bleeding under or onto the white or other walls.

Once you have the wall or corners cut in it’s time to roll the black paint with your paint roller for the first coat. 

Allow to dry and continue by adding a second coat of paint.

What you will need:

black accent wall with gold frames on wall

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9 Black Accent Wall Ideas:

  1. Add earthy accents & wood tones (baskets on the wall are a great option)
  2. Grouping several mirrors on the wall adds to the depth of the room 
  3. Gold accents pop and are a lovely way to showcase a black wall
  4. Balance the dark wall with wood-toned furniture/wall hangings
  5. Frame your room with white walls/white ceiling
  6. White accents such as white curtains balance a room with a dark background 
  7. Use different textures for interest and warmth (throws, pillows, wall hangings work well for a fresh look)
  8. Add Jewel Tones to your room
  9. Lastly, adding a family heirloom is always a great choice or an antique furniture piece will enhance your black wall and the family treasure.

The color black adds warmth to any room. Think of it as a grounding color to build on. Once I got over my fear of committing to the bold black color, there was not been a moment that I regretted painting over my white wall.  While I wouldn’t want to paint the entire room black, an accent wall offerred me great options to get a bit of drama and elegance.

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  1. Hi Susan
    I love what you did with this accent wall. Is there a way to see the wall facing it straight on? The photo taken seems to be outside the bedroom door in the hall. Just wanted to see the full effect. Thank you!

    1. Hi Renae, Thank you so much! I will have to share it! Let me know if you do paint your room …I’d love to see it! Susan

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