Christmas Home Tour – Breakfast Room & Kitchen

Welcome to my Christmas home tour! You’re invited inside for a holiday stroll through my house. Let’s begin in the breakfast room & kitchen.

Are you as excited to see my home in Saratoga dressed up for the holiday season as I am? It’s been an absolute blast starting this blog back in 2021 and getting to know so many wonderful friends along the way! I appreciate each one of you that have joined me on this journey and stopped by to see my Christmas Home Tour – Breakfast Room & Kitchen!

What better way to celebrate together than with a Winter Bloggerland Tour? WELCOME!

I’m overjoyed that you’ve joined me, just in time for all of these festive holiday decorations. Let’s get started!!!

 Today marks my very first Home Tour extravaganza. Get ready because it only gets better from here!!

Christmas Home Tour

Come join me in my amazing adventure! Today I’m sharing a glimpse into our cozy charming home nestled away here in upstate New York. If you’ve been following along, then you know that we also have an incredible little bunny rabbit named Cannoli. He’s just the perfect Christmas bunny and full of fun! It wouldn’t be Christmas without him snuggled under our tree!

Without further delay let me introduce myself -I’m Susan married to this wonderful guy, Andrew, and have two wonderful sons! I love sharing inspiration for decorating, really easy but tasty recipes, and tablescapes galore! Now onto the tour!

The Breakfast Room

It’s time to get festive! This year, I was thrilled to decorate the perfect Christmas tree that ties in perfectly with our living room decor. If only I had thought of this before as the two rooms connect and I love how they coordinate this year! To make this tree even more special, I went for simple decorations of green, cream, and a combination of velvet and gold ribbons. These ribbons look so pretty dangling and adorning our tree for my Christmas Home tour!   Most definitely making every day feel extra magical during the advent season!

I had so much fun matching my trees this year, I matched these too!

Christmas tree with gold and ivory decorations
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breakfast room with black table and chairs by window

Shop My Breakfast Room & Kitchen

Silver tray with break pudding in goblets and brass candles holders with christmas tree in background
Have you checked out my Ricotta Vanilla Bread Pudding Recipe?
upclose of christmas tree with gold, ivory and green decorations

Take the wired ribbon and wind it around your hand or finger to get a gentle curl to your ribbon.

breakfast room with christmas tree decorated with gold and green and black table and chairs

black sideboard table with green christmas tree and lights on top

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Christmas Home Tour in the Kitchen

‘Tis the season! Up next on my Christmas Home tour, let’s step inside my cozy kitchen tour overflowing with some holiday cheer.

Christmas decorations can be simply done by adding sprigs of greenery over a picture frame or in a crystal jar!

silver tray on kitchen counter with christmas greenery in glass jar & small green christmas tree

Up next, I added a small wooden green tree to my silver platter, completing the look. 

Our kitchen gets a lot of use and I love it! This is the first time I’ve had a large island for food prepping and boy, it sure does make for easy meal prep. I’ll be making this for our guests this Christmas!

kitchen counter with red poinsettia on counter and silver tray with christmas greenery

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kitchen view of island and kitchen cabinets with christmas wreath hanging on door of cabinet

I hope you enjoyed my Christmas Home tour! If you have any questions about how I decorated a certain area or if you need advice on how to tackle your own holiday home decorating project, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment. I love hearing from my readers. And finally, what did you think of my Christmas home tour? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Susan Signature with feather pen
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  1. I never get tired of seeing your beautiful home, tablescapes, and Christmas decor! Beautiful, Susan!

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