How Do You Make Homemade Limoncello

Have you tried this refreshing summer beverage? You haven’t! Today I’m sharing with you How do you make homemade limoncello! It’s so easy!

We love sharing family recipes! Especially this tasty one! Our homemade limoncello recipe has been in our family for generations.  I’m excited to share with you How Do You Make Homemade Limoncello! My hope is that you may be inspired to make it for your next family gathering. 

Did your grandparents leave you with a lasting memory? Better yet, did they leave you with a recipe that could be called ‘liquid gold’? Ours sure did!

Lemons with hand juicer

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What is Limoncello?

Early on I must confess, Limoncello wasn’t high on my list of preferred beverages.  As a matter of fact, I’d pretty much pass it up every time it was offerred.

I remember visiting family in Italy, and politely shaking my head with a ‘no thank you’, as we all sat gathered around the table. 

(If you’re Italian, you know refusing food or beverages isn’t really a thing that is accepted easily! 🙂 )

It wasn’t until I started sipping and tasting the batches of homemade limoncello that my dad, brother, and son would make, that I acquired a taste for it.

Lemons in front of vodka bottles

Where Limoncello Originated

In Italy, Limoncello, especially in the south of Italy, Limoncello is the second most popular liqueur. Traditionally served chilled, and can be considered a pleasing digestive.

Limoncello is made from the zest of the lemons.

Homemade Limoncello Recipe

I’ve since learned. Never pass up an opportunity to sip a glass of this deliciousness. Especially if the deliciousness is homemade Limoncello.

Lemon Peels in a glass jar

How do you Make Homemade Limoncello

Limoncello may be used in many recipes. Limoncello cakes, martinis, sorbet and more! Our family has been making limoncello for generations. Origin Fontechiari, Frosinone Italy Circa 1900 Gulf of Naples
Prep Time 2 hrs
Infuse Time 21 d
Total Time 21 d 2 hrs
Course Drinks
Cuisine Italian
Servings 45 people


  • Juicer hand juicer
  • Peeler
  • Glass Bottle
  • Knife slicing lemons
  • Bowl Lemon peels


  • 30 - 40 Lemons Organic Lemons - Medium to Large in Size
  • 1 liter 160 Proof Vodka Devil Springs or Everclear
  • 4 1/2 cups Sugar
  • 1 liter Filtered Water 50/50 ratio water/vodka


  • Wash and dry lemons
  • Gently peel lemons being careful not to get any pith
  • Place lemons in glass container
  • Add Vodka
  • Allow to infuse 3 to 4 weeks. Vodka will become bright yellow with lemon oil
  • Use lemons for lemonade or other lemon drinks
  • After 3 to 4 weeks, heat water and sugar to dissolve into a simple syrup
  • Remove all of lemon peels from vodka
  • Allow sugar water to cool slightly
  • Combine sugar water and vodka
  • Chill to serve
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First, thoroughly wash and dry your lemons. We made an extra-large batch using 160 lemons for my sons upcoming wedding! 

Lemons in sink

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Second, start peeling the lemons, being careful not to get any pith.

Lemons in Strainer with peeler

I love this girl! The bride to be! My son is one lucky guy. 

Lady peeling lemons

Many hands make light work! 

Family in kitchen peeling lemons

My sweet husband was the ‘official’ squeezer! 160 lemons and he is still smiling! 

Man using a lemon press

Once the lemons are peeled, it’s time to add them to the large glass vat! This one is similar to the one we used. 

Hands putting lemon peels in a glass vat

The scent in the house smells amazing! 

Pouring vodka into glass vat with lemon peels

Lastly, add the vodka to the lemon peels. The lemon and vodka will need to infuse for 3 to 4 weeks. 

lemon juice in pyrex mixing cup

What to do with all the lemon juice? Stay tuned for more recipe ideas! 

Lemon peels soaking in vodka in glass vat

I’m so thankful and grateful to my parents and grandparents for instilling in us this, and many other traditions!

Together with my son, my brother has carried on the tradition of making homemade limoncello.

This summer we will be making another large batch for our annual bocce party. Read more about it here. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

XO Susan

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