How to Decorate Your Summer Porch

Looking for some summer porch inspiration? Here is my latest on How to Decorate Your Summer Porch! It’s one of my favorite porches yet!

I remember years ago when I was a young girl, my mom drove us to summer swim lessons. Such fond memories for sure! There was one summer porch in particular that we would drive by that I remember to this day. 

As my mom would go bounding up the country road en route to the swim club we belonged to in our 1960s baby blue Chevy station wagon, windows rolled down and hair blowing, (there was no air conditioning, I’m that old ha) I would look forward to gazing out the window and couldn’t wait to see this home. I never tired of seeing it! 

The owners had gorgeous red and white flower boxes, along with red and white flowers lining the driveway on both sides, in an every other color pattern. It was fabulous! 

Summer Porch Decorating

Today I’m sharing my version of this summer porch with you and How to Decorate Your Summer Porch!

One of the first things I did when thinking about how I would like to decorate my summer porch this year was to gather my inspiration.

My inspiration can come from Pinterest, Home Magazines, or where I found this idea, a memory from the past! Another awesome place for inspiration is your local greenhouse.

Large Black Planter with red and white flowers
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Decide on a color scheme

Once you decide on your color scheme, the next step is to get to work! 

Making a list and putting pen to paper is always a good idea to keep your focus. 

The first stop was the greenhouse. Prior to heading out to the flower shop, I hosed down my porch chairs, porch, and siding around the porch area.

Up next, plant all of your flowers that will go in pots.  Getting this accomplished will help tremendously when it comes time for your decorating. 

White table with flowers, lantern and candle on it

Adding Porch Decor

In addition to planting my flower pots for my summer porch, I needed to start thinking about what I wanted to add to my porch in terms of decor.

White Rocking Chair with cushions

I used this black and white outdoor rug for my base

Here is where I went off the wagon with my red and white porch color scheme. I added a pop of yellow and lavender to one flower pot and a soft yellow throw for cooler summer nights.

Adding different textures with various pots, clay, and copper is always a great idea.

Greenery with flowers and yellow flowers

Incorporating various textures of greenery adds so much life to your summer porch.

While thrifting I found this small copper pot for a few dollars recently. If you’re not a ‘vintage shopper’ this one would work great! 

White Rocking Chairs with a green fern and black and white rug

Shop My Summer Porch

Water glass with sliced lemons and a candle on a table

Now that you are done decorating your porch, don’t forget to sit and relax with a sparkling lemonade! Enjoy!! 

XO Susan 

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  1. What a beautiful post Susan. I loved hearing about your summer drive to swimming lessons and seeing that beautiful porch. Funny how things can stick in our mind and then inspire us so many years later. Your porch is exquisite and so welcoming!

  2. Your porch looks pretty and plants healthy. I love Coleus. Your lantern has a beautiful detailed top.

  3. Susan, your porch has the perfect mix of elements! Just the right amount of surprise elements like those pansies and the copper. You’ve got such a beautifully elegant style!

  4. Your porch is lovely, Susan. You and I have the same rockers except mine are black and your rockers are white. Love it! We got them about two years ago and just love them.

  5. your porch is just beautiful! love your red geraniums! Thank you for sharing your memories! Happy summer!

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