Best Potting Soil for Indoor Herbs to Grow: Top 7 Brands

There’s something delightful about an indoor herb garden in your kitchen. Today I’m sharing with you the best potting soil for indoor herbs to grow!

Do you know what went thru my mind when I first wanted to grow indoor herbs?

A. How many plants are too many? B. Can we enlarge our kitchen to make room for more said plants? C. What do you mean we can’t, honey?

Since building a new kitchen for additional plants is out of the question, I needed to look at my first question more closely. How many plants are too many? I love my plants. Currently I have a window full of beautiful, lush, green, indoor plants but what I don’t have this time of year are fresh herbs.

It’s a must-have to have fresh herbs for all my recipes.

So here is the answer I came up with. I apparently don’t have enough plants because all of the plants I have are not for eating! This means I get to grow my herbs (aka more plants) and worry about where they will land a bit later. See how I solved that problem. ha

fresh basil plants in garden shop
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What is the best way to grow indoor herbs and what is the best potting soil for indoor herbs to grow for a bountiful harvest?

My next question is this. What is the best way to grow indoor herbs? Soil, soil, and fertilizer.

When it comes time to plant my perennial herbs outdoors, I typically head to several local garden centers in early spring and bring home every herb I can fit into the large box and replant them outdoors.

But this year is a bit different.

Since I have enough light in my kitchen and my indoor herbs would get direct sunlight and thrive in the sunny window, I’m thinking why don’t I start the herbs from seed?

Lastly, it’s a good idea to get a jumpstart growing my favorite herbs ahead of the northeast growing season. (it can be a short season compared to other climates)

Start seeds early with a simple greenhouse kit

Prior to planting my herbs in window clay pots, I started my seedlings with this greenhouse kit. (photos are also links to each item should you be interested)

jiffy greenhouse kit overhead photo to plant herbs
overhead seed pods ready to add water and plant herb seeds
terra cotta pots on shelf
round clay pots with potting soil bag in background ready to plant herbs

What is the best soil for mint and basil?

I cannot wait to harvest fresh mint and basil, which are two of my favorite herbs. Fresh mint is often overlooked when adding to a fresh green summer salad. It’s delicious in a salad.

Indoor potting soil or an organic potting mix is a good choice for any indoor garden. Especially mint and basil.

What you want to do is stay away from any outdoor potting mixes unless you are planting outdoor herbs. Ordinary garden soil would be a no-no for indoor herb plants.

Due to the soil structure, air, moisture, and good drainage, indoor potting soil is lighter and won’t stay compacted when wet, which helps you grow the best herbs. That is not necessarily the case with outdoor potting soil. It’s denser.

Both mint and basil need well-drained soil. For best results, be sure the roots of the plant are well aerated and can easily grow and expand to enhance the ideal plant growth.

My Top 7 Indoor Soil & Fertilizer Picks

  1. Coco Coir – is an excellent addition to microgreens.
  2. Back to the Roots – Natural and Organic All purpose potting mix – this organic potting soil has mycorrhizae, coconut coir, and yucca extract which enhances the plant’s and root’s uptake of water and nutrients 
  3. Dr. Earth Pot of Gold – Sustainably made in the USA
  4. Burpee Organic Potting Mix – highly rated organic ingredients
  5. Good Earth Organics – Zen Blend – another favorite organic potting soil
  6. Wiggle Worm Organic Earth Worth Castings – Earthworm castings are an easy way to help the soil’s water retention and soil aeration  
  7. Espoma Organic Seed Starter Premium Potting Soil Mix– Promotes root growth

What is the best setup for growing herbs indoors?

It’s no secret. I would love a greenhouse. For that matter, I’d love a chicken coop and a few cows as well. I digress.

It goes along with that bigger kitchen!

With so many wonderful herb pots on the internet, a kitchen garden is a snap to create. All you will need is a pot or two of herb soil and a few seeds. Any window sill or counter will do.

What if you don’t have a good window light? I’ve got you. Not to worry. See below for several options for a grow light as well as gorgeous herb pots for any home decor style.

Can I use houseplant potting soil for herbs?

In short, the answer is probably a ‘yeah you can’. Here is the thing though. The best way to give your herbs ample nutrients, oxygen, and moisture at the root level, is by starting with good soil that is fertilized. Items such as fish emulsion, bone meal, or cottonseed meal will bring the best results for flavorful herbs.

One of my favorite potting soil mix brands is Miracle-gro indoor potting mix as it contains coconut coir. Coconut coir is organic and sterile which makes it excellent for starting seeds.

Looking for a simple fertilizer you can use from your home?

Did you know you can share your black tea with your plants? It’s true. Both indoor plants and outdoor plants can ‘drink’ tea. Leave it to me to find another use for my leftover tea. So, is tea really good for plants? Let’s look a little deeper at how and why this works here. 

Best Potting Soil for Indoor Herbs to Grow: Top 7 Brands

Coconut Coir

Bag of Coconut Coir

Back to Roots All-Purpose Potting Mix Premium Blend

bag of all purpose potting mix premium blend

Dr. Earth Pot of Gold Premium Soil

Dr. Earth bag of pot of gold premium soil

Burpee Organic Potting Mix

Burpee organic potting mix

Good Earth Organics – Zen Blend

Good earth organics bag of potting soil premium blend

Wiggle Worm

pure worm castings soil builder

Espoma Organic Seed Starter Premium Potting Soil Mix

organic seed starter

green thumbtack
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Once you have picked out the best potting soil for indoor herbs and which container plants /herbs you will grow, you are on your way to adding many health benefits to your diet with fresh herbs.

The best part is they will be right there in your kitchen when you need them.

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  1. This is such good information, Susan! I usually just use whatever dirt I have “leftover”. No wonder my herb growing success is “hit or miss!”

    1. Thank you Missy. Trial and error at first haha Now I’m much for particular of what I am using and it’s made all the difference. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I had no idea there was so much to know about potting soil. At our nursery stores they have each different bag open so that you can see what you are going to get before you buy. I stay away from the ones with big chunks of wood in them. After reading your post, I now understand there is much more to it! Thanks for sharing

    1. You’re welcome. Indoor herbs can be challenging which is why the soil should be well-aerated. Thanks for stopping by!

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