How to Use Your Favorite Cache Pot

I’m excited to share with you today How to Use Your Favorite Cache Pot. These gorgeous pots have been around for years and years. In fact, if you don’t own one, you just might want to consider acquiring one for your home. They are just that much fun to decorate with!

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Did you know, Cache pots first made an appearance around the late 1800s? Literally, the translation means ‘to hide’ the plant.

First Used to Aesthetically Hide Parts of Plants

In fact, Cache Pots can be made from Clay, Cement, Ceramic or Porcelain, and even Glass or Iron. Have you ever wondered what to do with these gorgeous pots? I can’t wait to show you How to Use Your Favorite Cache Pot this season.

Whether you choose to ‘hide your plants’ or use these exquisite vessels to showcase your arrangements, you won’t be disappointed with their beauty.

How to Use Your Favorite Cache Pot

After I headed to the local dollar store to see what fall floral stems were still available, the next step was I needed to find a way to arrange them. 

How to Use Your Favorite Cache Pot

When I went looking for a vessel to use for my latest Fall Arrangement, I found this lovely cache pot hidden around the corner in the basement. I thought why not? It’s pretty large in size, although I knew I’d have enough floral stems to fill it, with my recent visit to the dollar store. 

The next step was to add a large piece of floral foam to keep the stems in place.

What I did next was to add two pieces of tape across the bottom to adhere the foam to the inside of the vessel. 

Finally, as you place the flower stems inside the Cache Pot, be sure to ‘open’ the stems up for fullness. I take each group of stems and spread them apart. 

I then added individual stems such as the cat tails and wheat for added interest.

Here are Some of My Favorite Cache Pots

blue and white pots for planting

It was that simple. Would you like to know the best part of creating this pretty flower arrangement in my Cache Pot? It cost very little to fill it! I hope this gave you inspiration for How to Use Your Cache Pot in your home!

XO Susan

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