Easy Fall Mantle Decor Ideas You Can Create Today

The mantle is a great place to decorate for fall. Here are some easy fall mantle decor ideas you can use to change it up this season!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m totally hanging on to every last day of summer, but we all know what’s next! Fall will be here before we know it and I must say, as much as I love summer, the racetrack, visiting the horses, and icy margaritas, I also love the crisp fall air and the colors of autumn.

Summer to Autumn Decorating Inspiration

First, I would like to thank you Kristy @kristymastrandonas for hosting today’s summer-to-fall decor blog hop. Sit back and relax because you’re about to find a boatload of beautiful inspiration here. 

Next, if you are coming over from my friend Wendy @wmdesignhouse welcome! Isn’t Wendy so creative? Each week she continues to amaze me with her wonderful ideas! 

Fall is My Favorite Season

Without a doubt, fall is an amazing time of year. All the leaves start to change color, the weather is cooling down, and the holidays are just around the corner. 

One of my favorite ways to get ready for fall is by decorating my home with all sorts of autumnal goodies. If you’re looking for some easy fall mantle decor ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Today, I’m going to show you how to create a simple and festive mantel in just a few minutes using items that you probably already have around your house. Let’s get started!

Fall Mantel with faux flowers
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What do you put on a mantle in the fall?

There are many easy ways to decorate your fall mantle. You can use pumpkins, leaves, or other Fall objects to create a beautiful display. Below are a few ideas to get you started:

  • – Use a pumpkin as a vase for flowers or Fall branches.
  • – Fill a bowl with apples or other Fall fruits.
  • – Tie a wreath or garland on the mantel.
  • – Place Fall candles on the mantel.
  • – Arrange Fall leaves in a vase or jar.

3 Easy Steps to Create a Beautiful Fall Mantel

First, I started by pulling out all of the dried hydrangeas from last year. I wanted to bring the pinkish-green color in from the painting over our fireplace. At some point, I’ll change out this painting for another, but until I do, I thought the colors in this painting could easily transition over to fall.

hydangea laying on mantel

Up next, I layered my dried hydrangeas along the top of my mantel, followed by adding a pretty berry garland.

brown decorative coconuts on a stic
Adding a few of these for texture

Finally, with a few old books, a medium-sized candelabra, and my lush stuffed pheasant, my mantle was complete. That’s it! Easy as pie!

Pheasant on top of Mantle
Books are a great way to style any area in your home
Yellow dried flowers
These added a pop of color to my mantle

More Ideas for Mantle Decorating

1. Add a festive banner.

2. Drape some autumn-themed garland.

3. String up some colorful lights.

4. Display a pumpkin or two.

5. Lay some straw bales around the mantle.

6. Hang some scarecrows or other fall decorations.

7. Throw pillows in autumn colors are always a great addition. 

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books on mantel

Up next is my dear friend Missy from @sonatahomedesign I’ve always loved Missy’s unique and colorful style. Missy became a friend early on in my blogging journey and I’m so pleased to have met her multiple times in person. 

As always, my hope is that you are inspired to create a beautiful fall mantle in your own home, using a few new ideas.

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  1. The artwork is so pretty with the hydrangeas! Love it

    1. Thank you Kylie! The artwork I thought could transition from my summer mantle into fall. I’ll be switching it out at some point soon. always changing things lol

  2. Susan, your fall mantel is stunning. Of course, those hydrangeas are my favorite! You sure styled them so well with all of your beautiful treasures.

  3. Your mantel is absolutely gorgeous!!! Love how you used foliage and earthy items for this season❤️❤️

  4. Susan, your mantle is STUNNING! I love the hydrangeas, but have to say your lush pheasant is my favorite! So enjoyed hopping with you!

  5. Such a beautiful way to decorate the mantel for fall. I love all your hydrangeas. They’re amazing! Hugs, CoCo

  6. Susan, you did such an amazing job with those hydrangeas on your mantel! I am sharing this in my newsletter today!

    1. thank you so much Chloe! That is so kind of you to say. Thank you for sharing!

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