Daily Cleaning Routine, Tips and My Favorite Cleaners!

A clean organized home makes life easier and less stressful. Today I’m sharing my Daily Cleaning Routine, tips, and my favorite cleaners.

I’ve always thought a clean organized home makes life easier and less stressful. I’m a happy girl when my home is clean! 

I get asked often how I manage two businesses, a blog, and a busy Instagram page, and keep my home so clean.

Daily cleaning routine: Clean as you go

When you do a little every day, you don’t have to spend hours cleaning!

I clean as I go, so I don’t have to spend a whole lot of time cleaning!

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What are you supposed to clean everyday?

Bathroom Cleaning

  • One of the first things I do, after I get up in the morning, is to make my bed. I didn’t always do this, but I’ve found that my day is way more productive when the bed is made.
  • I then tidy up anything laying around. Once a week, I’ll clean the mirrors, dust the nightstands and dresser, and dust the baseboards and chandelier.
  • My number one tip is to spend about thirty minutes in the morning and about twenty minutes at night tidying up the things that have been left about your home, prior to going to bed. Incorporating this into your daily cleaning routine is huge!  
  • In the morning, I start by tossing in a load of laundry. This way I can get one thing done, while I move on to something else.
  • Prior to getting a shower, I wipe the bathroom sinks, shine the faucets, pick up any clothes that may be on the hooks or the floor, wipe the mirrors, and clean the toilet. (this can be done as needed or weekly)  I love using Clorox wipes for this. A deeper shower clean is done once per week.
  • I’ll finish with a quick Swiffer of the floors and refresh our bath and hand towels.

How to do daily cleaning?

Kitchen Cleaning

Let’s head into the kitchen. My husband is excellent at cleaning up after dinner time and loading the dishwasher at the end of the day. (he does a great a hot tea delivery every morning as well) 

How do I clean my house a little each day?

  • I start by emptying the dishwasher in the morning while making my usual scrambled eggs with fresh baby spinach and fruit.
  • As I cook or do any meal prepping, I’ll do a quick wipe of our appliances, such as the dishwasher, microwave, or refrigerator. I use a microfiber cloth with either rubbing alcohol & water spray, or my Stoner Glass Cleaner does the trick for finger marks. For the countertops, I’ll wipe those regularly with Mrs. Myers Cleaner, then once a week I’ll use a granite cleaner and shine them. 
  • I hope my theme is starting to inspire you.  It’s been twenty minutes and my bathroom and kitchen are clean.
  • When you keep up with cleaning, it is easier to keep your home clean. It may take time initially to organize your day if you are not used to a routine, but I’m convinced you’ll find it easier once you get started.

I also try to stick to a schedule that helps with a daily cleaning routine. 

Weekly cleaning schedule

  • I change our sheets on Monday.
  • I grocery shop on Tuesdays and schedule a  house project I’d like to get done for Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • Before I bring home our groceries, I will discard any old items from inside our refrigerator, check what we need, and do a wipe down of the shelves and bins. This way when I come home, it’s a snap putting things away in a fresh, clean refrigerator.
  • For our sink, I will use a silver cleaner once a week. In between I’ll wipe down the sink and faucet with Mrs. Meyers. 

Living Room Cleaning

  • In our living room, I will fluff the pillows, ( I try to do this at night before bed),
  • Dust the furniture once a week
  • Vacuum the furniture (every two weeks) and most days I vacuum the floor and rugs. We have a little white bunny and it’s a good thing he is so cute because he has been known to shed a bit! 

Another top tip is to have organized cleaning bins throughout your home. I have one in each bathroom and one under the kitchen sink. It takes time to run back and forth trying to find cleaning supplies, paper towels, micro-fiber cloths etc. This will save time and you’ll be more apt to complete a five minute task if you have what you need and it’s handy.

Our home has hardwood floors throughout. I do vacuum daily and once per week I will steam clean them. I love the steam cleaner. It has been one of my best investments for shiny, clean floors. 

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With a little bit of effort, your daily cleaning routine will keep your home organized and clean!

Now that you have more free time, what fun things are you going to do today? 

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