7 Ways to Style Your Dough Bowl

Do you love dough bowls? I love my new dough bowl and I’m so excited to share with you today Seven Ways to Style Your Dough Bowl.

When I first thought I would like to purchase a wooden dough bowl, I had no idea how many ways I would be able to utilize and style it. Today I’m sharing with you 7 Ways to Style Your Dough Bowl.

Dough Bowl Styling

Let’s just say, at first I didn’t quite get the idea of using one. Well, that has totally changed. 

Let me back up a bit. This week has been the best of times. I teamed up with a group of very talented ladies and every day this past week we shared different ways to style our bowls.  The challenge was to style our bowls in different rooms in our home! Whew! Did I say I had a blast doing this?

Dough Bowl Challenge

I had so much fun working with these talented ladies and I’m sure you will be inspired by all of their ideas. (take a peek at the end of this post to see our photo collage – the links for each blog post are there as well)

If you are coming over from Stephanie’s blog @gatheredinthekitchen  Welcome!

Rustic Dough Bowl in the Breakfast Room

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7 Styles

My first stop was to decorate using my bowl in our breakfast room. Earlier in the season since I had so many pinecones for crafting, I decided to fill my bowl with acorns and pinecones. A simple yet warm and cozy option for sure. 

Recently I made this – click HERE!

I also made THIS!

A close up of a believe sign on table

Up Next, how about a second option for the breakfast room, using red berries, white linen napkins, and a few vintage pieces? With a few simple changes, you have an entirely different look and feel to your table decor. 

a wooden dough bowl filled with bottle brush trees and white cloth napkins

Next, I added my parent’s creamer and sugar bowl, which was a gift for their 25th wedding anniversary, by filling the sugar bowl with a green bottle brush tree! Isn’t that the prettiest little tree holder?  

a bottle brush tree in a vintage creamer cup

Using your bowl as a utensil holder is another idea. 

How about filling it with salt and pepper shakers, or napkins for a buffet?

a wooden dough bowl with silver utensils in it

Moving from room to room, the dining room was our next challenge! 

a tiered tray with pinecones in it

Then, I styled my wooden bowl slightly differently and opted for more formal silver pieces along with green Christmas ornaments for a pop of color. 

To complement the green ornaments, I used my green depression glass candle holder.

This would be lovely for a buffet table!

This might be my favorite option yet! 

a wooden dough bowl with green ornaments in it
silver candle holder and silver pieces on a table

We’ve used silver, now, how about using gold with greens?

My hope is always to inspire you to create in your own home.  Are you getting inspired?

gold christmas trees and a wooden dough bowl on a table

When designing, think about ‘like things’ with ‘like things!’ 

Adding groupings of items seems to ‘please the eye’. 

Arrange a few higher pieces, then lower your eye to a few smaller pieces. 

Next are books. Books are amazing when it comes to designing. There is so much interest added when books are found in a home. It’s your story so to speak. Which books do you find interesting?  

gold christmas trees on a table

For option #5, I’m using my bowl as a bar cart accessory. 

It will work great for holding corks or bar utensils that may have wine or water on them. No drips here! 

A bottle of wine on a table
A table with wine glasses, with Bottle

I could see your guests feeling so special with all this fussing for them.

I’ve filled my dough bowl with handmade soaps and lotions from my natural skincare line. You can read more about them HERE!

Another option would be to fill it with little jars of cotton balls, bath salts, bath bombs, or toiletries. 

Add a few sprigs of greenery or faux flowers for added color!

A vase of flowers on a table
A tray of toiletries in a bathroom

Holiday shopping was so much fun this year! I cannot wait to wrap my gifts with these pretty strings. The lyrics, brown paper packages tied up with string are playing in my head.

Unfortunately, I do not have a crafting room. If I did, however, I think I would fill it with wooden bowls like this one I’d use one for thimbles, one for threads, one for knitting needles, and one for my cutting utensils. 

A dough bowl with spool of yard in it

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a dough bowl with spools of yard

I hope you are inspired by my 7 Ways to Style a Dough Bowl.

As you can see, the options are limitless. 


Susan Signature with feather pen

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  1. Absolutely stunning ideas, Susan! You are so talented! Thanks for doing this challenge with us! it was so much fun!

  2. You styled your dough bowl in such beautiful ways, Susan! I absolutely love all of your vintage treasures!

  3. Susan, you such an elegant way of styling. I love how you styled your dough bowls and showed some unique ways of using them such as with bar items. Just love all of your found treasures.

  4. All of your dough bowls are beautiful especially with the silver. But I really liked how you styled the bathroom one for a spa!

  5. Susan you simply are amazing! Every photo and styling looks like it could appear in a magazine! You are very talented. It was a pleasure doing this challenge with you and hopping along from blog to blog!

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